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  1. huntn2

    2013 - 2014 The Ohio Outdoors Deer Hunting Contest - Alternates Sign-up

    This thread is for contest alternates to sign-up if they missed our deadline. If a contest participant doesn't sign in with their team by next Saturday, they will be replaced with an alternate. Additionally, for each 5 alternates, I will create an additional contest team. First on the list...
  2. huntn2

    2013 - 2014 The Ohio Outdoors Deer Contest Rules

    Official 2013 - 2014 TOO Deer Competition TOO Deer Competition Rules General Rules: •A minimum of 50 posts are required to participate •Teams will be randomly drawn 9/14/2012 •A hunter may submit a total of 2 deer in the contest but only 1 may be antlered •All deer harvested during...
  3. bowhunter1023

    The Ohio Outdoors Comment Box

    We have a lot of new faces around here, so I thought I'd open up the suggestion box. If you see something we can change or add that would help things around here, please let us know. Happy Posting!!!
  4. Jackalope

    The Hunt Specialists and Lusk Outdoors Land Management Bootcamp.

    Many of you know Dave Lusk, owner and operator of Southern Ohio Outfitters, from this forum and other en devours. Dave recently spoke about his upcoming Boot Camp and we felt this was something worth passing on to all of you here at TOO. Dave guides his clients each year after some truly awesome...
  5. bthompson1004

    DEAL Russell outdoors apx gale bibs

    I've been hunting for some softshell bib/pants for a good deal and finally found them...check 'em out if you're in the market...just dumb luck fhat i found this, follow the link. http://www.wingsupply.com/cart.php?suggest=519240cc720cf
  6. hickslawns

    Hank Tucker Outdoors traveling to Sandusky Friday

    Wasn't sure where to put this. Just throwing it out there though. Friday we will be heading north on I75, east on 6, and up to Sandusky for a family outing. I don't like pimping the business anymore than I have to. . . .but if I am going to be traveling throughout the state and can drop off...
  7. huntn2

    2013 The Ohio Outdoors Spring Turkey Contest - Rules & Sign-ups

    Alright all, Below are the rules for the 2013 TOO Spring Turkey Competition. Format/Rules are the same as years past. That means the buddy bird system is back to help promote the brotherhood of TOO! I look forward to a fun, safe and successful turkey season. TOO Turkey Competition...
  8. jagermeister

    Rough morning... for the geese.

    Carpn, Kaiser, myself, and our friend Aaron met up this morning with plans to thin the goose population a bit. Yesterday we located a prime loafing area... a picked soybean field that had flooded within the past few days... There were probably 400-500 geese on it and quite a few ducks. Our...
  9. huntn2

    2012 - 2013 The Ohio Outdoors Deer Contest Rules

    Official 2012 - 2013 TOO Deer Competition TOO Deer Competition Rules General Rules: A minimum of 50 posts are required to participate Teams will be randomly drawn 9/22/2012 A hunter may submit a total of 2 deer in the contest but only 1 may be antlered All deer harvested during...
  10. Jackalope

    2012-2013 The Ohio Outdoors Deer Contest Signup

    It's that time of year again. Throw you're name in the hat for the 2012-13 TheOhioOutdoors deer hunting contest. :smiley_clap: This year we're working on a prize list to be announced later. :pickle: 50 Post minimum required. You don't have to have 50 posts today to sign up here, just...
  11. hickslawns

    FOR SALE Big Dog Pricing 2012 from Hank Tucker Outdoors

    Alrighty ladies and gentlemen! Here are the 2012 prices from Hank Tucker Outdoors for the Big Dog Treestands and Timberstrike groundblind. Shoot me a PM with any questions. Fixed Stands Description Price BDF 076 Beagle II 25x20" platform 14x8 seat $52.50 BDF 401 Bulldog II 32.5x23.5...
  12. matt hougan

    Heart of the Outdoors video......

  13. matt hougan

    Heart of the Outdoors needs some help

    Hey Guys, March 31 is Heart of the Outdoors wild Game Dinner (more info to come soon). We need some pheasants for the dinner. This Saturday, depending on how many are interested, we are considering a hunt at a pheasant club near Wilmington. The cost would be somewhere around $100 (I'm...
  14. Jackalope

    Video and Winner of the Team Outlaw Outdoors Box call Giveaway.

    . Enjoy.. 3 arrows... 3 volleys.. Hit it on the 10th shot. 7/10 were hits on foam. One arrow missed foam all 3 times. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EaAsntrw2Gk&feature=youtu.be
  15. Jackalope

    WIN: Custon Team Outlaw Outdoors Turkey Call.

    This is the discussion thread for the following Announcement. 1/23/12 EDIT: Sold Out. Thanks for your purchases. Product will be given away soon. http://www.theohiooutdoors.com/announcement.php?f=39&a=9
  16. Rutin

    213" Buck Detty Outdoors

    One of the guys on our team killed a freaking "Gagger" the first day of extended season..... Unofficial gross green score is 213" Congrats to Kenny!
  17. hickslawns

    FOR SALE Hank Tucker Outdoors- Blinds

    Here are the blinds we carry in inventory. Only one not featured is the AV140 Sniper blind. It is a Barronett Blind and runs $55. Barronett Blind models: BM275BT- Big Mike in Blood Trail Camo $150 Model: BM275BT Camo: BloodTrail Height: 80” Hub-to-Hub: 75” Weight: 16 lbs...
  18. Jackalope

    FOR SALE Muddy outdoors Climbing Sticks

    Set of 5 Muddy outdoors Climbing sticks used 1 season. $150 To your door. Usually sold as as set of 4 plus you have to but single stick to make 5. Caellas Retail 149.99 (4) + 39.99 (1) +tax + shipping. comes out to about $200 Uses a gear drive step system Stackable
  19. JPN

    FOR SALE NIB Muddy Outdoors safety vest

    I have a brand new muddy outdoors safety vest for sale. I won this in a raffle and have never used it. Size small/medium, up to a 34in waist and 250lb capacity. Mossy oak treestand camo. Safeguard series. Retails for $120. I will take $95, money order only.
  20. Curran

    Post your Vintage Outdoors pictures here!!

    The family went back to NE Ohio this past weekend for a short visit & I was able to pick up one of my Grandpa's old photo albums. We spent sometime on Saturday afternoon sitting at the kitchen table looking through lots of older pictures and telling stories. I've heard many of them over the...