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  1. Curran

    Company idea = "Free to Leave Inc"

    I've been thinking about this concept for a few years and it's something that I should look into. Maybe something like this already exists, I don't know? The main premise behind my thinking comes from hearing so many U.S. born citizens bitch & complain about America. Well, if you don't like this...
  2. Johnch

    Fridge storage idea

    Well a freind was over today and liked my idea So I figured I would share it In the fridge you store a lot of bottles of BBQ suace , Mustard , hot suace , salad dressing and a lot more If you are like me A lot of them you would like to store cap down To make getting the stuff out...
  3. runhunter

    Arrow idea...

    Normally, I use the 4" arrow wraps from Bohning, and fletch my Beman ICS camo 400's in an Arizona EZ fletch jig. They always come out great. My uncle always tells me "an idle mind is the devil's workshop", so I was reading yesterday and came across a thread related to guys cresting their own...
  4. CJD3

    New thread idea

    Enough people have asked "What is this?" that I wanted to suggest a new thread called "What Is This?"
  5. Alphamax10

    Not such a great idea!

    Hey guys, Got this in an email and I thought I would share it. WHY WE SHOOT DEER: Why we shoot deer in the wild.(A letter from someone who wants to remain anonymous, who farms, writes well and actually tried this) I had this idea that I could rope a deer, put it in a stall, feed it up...
  6. matt hougan

    A new product idea

    I have designed several products for hunting and helped develop several others too bad the company I was mixed up with went belly up. Still I think of things all the time that would make my hunting more enjoyable. One of my favorite things to do while hunting is eating, especially breakfast...
  7. saddlepants

    Forum Idea?

    We need a CCW Forum on here? I mean It is a common interest isnt it? Jus sayin
  8. Ohiosam

    CCW idea

  9. buckbuster217

    any idea what these are?

    I have got a ton of pics of this deer this year, and early on he didnt have any "growths" on him, he developed the first one on his right rear hip, I thought maybe he had been hit or might have been roughed up a bit in a fight, but it has gotten bigger and now he has developed one on his left...
  10. ohio mossy oak

    "Blue Republicans": an Idea Whose Time Has Come

    "Blue Republicans": an Idea Whose Time Has Come:By Robin Koerner Many people of independent, liberal or Democratic sensibilities voted for Obama in 2008 in the hope of jolting America toward civil liberties and away from war, only to find themselves in 2011 disappointed that we are still...
  11. R

    OhioSam - Any idea what this wrench was for?

    I suspect this wrench may have been used for some type of farm implement and was wondering if you, or anyone else, may be able to give me any information on it...