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  1. Monster Raxx

    Great way to watch a Baseball game

    My wife and I were lucky enough to get invited to go to a Twins game ( I know but read the rest of the story :)) with a couple we are friends with. I am not sure what he had to do to get these tickets but I told him I would do more of it :smiley_crocodile: We got valet parking and walked in...
  2. aholdren

    Kent State Baseball

    They beat Flordia today 5-4. Their first NCAA World Series win!
  3. Monster Raxx

    Baseball game

    Headed out to watch my son play his first baseball game of the year. You know bow season is right around the corner when the games start.
  4. camofry

    FOR SALE Signed Baseball

    Are there some of you baseball guys on here interested in a signed baseball from Tim Belcher. If so, I will get some pics of it on here.
  5. cotty16

    Baseball Journal

    For those of you who are baseball fans, or for any of you who just might be curious about how my high school team is doing, I thought I'd throw some updates at ya. I'll post, good or bad, as we go. If anyone else on here is involved in ball of any level, yes you Jesse, feel free to add how...
  6. Gern186

    Baseball History

  7. H

    A lil baseball clip of myself :)

    Well I haven't been hunting that much, but I have been throwing a baseball a lot this winter. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5AwbvpIUJE Tell me what you think :)