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  1. whitetailjunky3

    Velvet 24'

  2. whitetailjunky3

    Be sure to look up ....

    it was definitely a pretty cool experience.
  3. whitetailjunky3

    Muskie, Northern Pike Lake Recommendations

    Lots of lakes in north east Indiana. Hamilton had a good population of northern pike and Webster lake is usually one of the top musky producing lakes for tournaments every year. Most are within an hour and a half drive from Lima as well.
  4. whitetailjunky3

    Clinton county giant?

    I would assume they released as little as possible since they are investigating but idk
  5. whitetailjunky3

    Clinton county giant?

  6. whitetailjunky3

    Clinton county giant?

    I was suspicious after listening to his podcast on Huntr nothing made sense. He is quite the story teller tho I will give him that.
  7. whitetailjunky3

    Outdoor Edge knife

    I have the switch blade by outdoor edge and it replaced all my other knifes. Fits perfectly in my hand and does everything needed to gut a deer and more.
  8. whitetailjunky3

    Another one bites the dust!

    Awesome buck congrats Dave!
  9. whitetailjunky3

    I know something!!!

    Awesome buck congrats!
  10. whitetailjunky3

    Show your straight wall rifles!!

    Trying out the new 360 buckhammer today!
  11. whitetailjunky3

    I know . . . I can't count this many points but the hunter can

    Looks like a good one congrats to the hunter!
  12. whitetailjunky3

    Its 11/3, and IKS, DYKW??

    Congrats to the hunter!
  13. whitetailjunky3

    Oh snap! Don't cha know?!?

    What a hunt! Congrats!
  14. whitetailjunky3


    Great buck congrats!
  15. whitetailjunky3

    What's good TOO?

    My first article published in the November issue of Fur-fish-game magazine. Page 32. I couldn’t be more excited!
  16. whitetailjunky3

    Strouds 2023: Week of 10/15 - 10/22

    Congrats Dan!
  17. whitetailjunky3

    The wide 8

    Awesome buck congrats!