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  1. RedCloud

    Strouds '24 - October 13-20

    I'm out. Unless something changes, I'll be working 12hr shifts.
  2. RedCloud

    Gravel for Driveways

    #57 washed gravel. It has a mix of limestone that will get crushed over time and it helps lock the stone in. Haven't noticed much dust but my driveway is pretty short in comparison. I do like the chip and tar idea though. Our county roads around here get that treatment and seem to hold up ok...
  3. RedCloud

    Strouds '24 - October 13-20

    The 25-27th weekend works better for my schedule. Should be just after quarter horse.
  4. RedCloud

    Yote ?

    Red Husky for sure. They are escape artists.
  5. RedCloud

    Paint Creek '24

    I'll know what's going on by next week. Might be able to at least make a day trip down
  6. RedCloud


    It's Mississippi so you don't need insulation 🤣
  7. RedCloud

    Hoyt Satori Riser Color Change

    Looks pretty sharp
  8. RedCloud

    Thermal Drones

    After reading that then I would say that guys done for. It's right there in plain English and black and white. I've seen videos of the guy here in Ohio tracking wounded deer and hitting the spotlight. It's only a matter of time before he gets nailed for that as well. I still consider that just...
  9. RedCloud

    If you see a lot of fire trucks

    Happy Birthday Steve!
  10. RedCloud

    Thermal Drones

  11. RedCloud

    Thermal Drones

    They understand it just fine but someone always has to be made an example. I think they used the law to make the state money by finding the gray area and hoped it would go nice and quietly. Now that it's been made a big deal the state will push ahead with everything they have hoping to outlast...
  12. RedCloud

    Thermal Drones

    It's all open to interpretation of the law as the wording is vague leaving it as one of those gray areas. This guy will unfortunately pay the price but I guarantee the wording for that particular law will be changed by next season. It's like having an inspector come out to the jobsite. One guy...
  13. RedCloud

    AT&T Outage

    Got the FBI involved in finding the cause. NOTHING TO SEE HERE PEOPLE!!!
  14. RedCloud

    AT&T Outage

    Dang tech support and their unplug it and wait 30 seconds and plug it back in crap 🤣
  15. RedCloud

    AT&T Outage

    My Verizon phone was having issues yesterday around 3pm. My phone showed half bars of service but nothing would work. I even got a pop up message saying I was offline. Only lasted about an hour and a half Update My phone doesn't want to fully work unless I'm connected to wifi. Just went to...
  16. RedCloud

    Ol Brock

    Happy Birthday Brock
  17. RedCloud

    Product Issues.

    All in all a pretty good day Joe. Glad some manufacturers still take care of their customers.
  18. RedCloud

    Product Issues.

    I remember factory vehicle batteries that lasted 8-10 years. Now they last 3-5 and off the shelf only last 2-3 years. Pretty sad but reality is that there's nothing we can do about it. Manufacturers know we have to have them and they get by with the cheapest materials and then they keep the...
  19. RedCloud

    Camofire deals of the day

    I have this one on my list for now but that one in the ad didn't look bad either. Timber Ridge Traditional External Aluminum Frame Hiking Backpacks, Brown, 35.8 x 6.7 x 15.7 https://a.co/d/1UoZTrl
  20. RedCloud

    Best Ohio Show

    https://www.openseasonsportsmansexpo.com/ohio/ This is the only one I've been to. I know there are other shows throughout the state that some of the guys might be able to share info on.