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  1. Bigslam51

    When's your rut vacation?

    I'm taking last week of vacation October 26- November 2nd. Hopefully catch some pre rut action in Illinois and then finish the last few days on my best farm.
  2. Bigslam51

    Callapalooza call makers and turkey hunters show

    Swing by if your close, I'll be there Saturday and Sunday.
  3. Bigslam51

    Happy birthday BH

  4. Bigslam51

    Gobble gobble, one got shot in the waddles

  5. Bigslam51

    Beard in the dirt!

    Spurs on the ground!
  6. Bigslam51

    Sasquatch called this morning

    Paint brush beard down!
  7. Bigslam51

    Picked up my 2017 buck today

    Two piece is home[emoji3]
  8. Bigslam51

    Fletch and BigSlams Illinois adventure

    Wanted to start a thread on our trip, as we are now 1.5 hours away from our destination. Rich picked me up at 2:15 this afternoon. We drove out to my main hunting farm and I showed him where I killed Crabapple in 2015. From there we headed south and met up with Dustin and bearded Chad. Dropped...
  9. Bigslam51

    Keep Cody Kovach (Greens Run Calls) in your thoughts.

    He's been diagnosed with an aggressive for of lymphoma cancer.
  10. Bigslam51

    FOR SALE TOO pot calls

    Ok fellas. I got the go ahead to proceed with this about a week ago. Here's how this will work. I had my guy do 6 decals, 3 of these calls have already been spoken for. You'll have your choice of either sapele or Padauk pots ( the call in the pic is sapele) they will come with a two piece...
  11. Bigslam51

    Giant Ohio Buck

    Hell of a deer. He must own the land or feel pretty damn confident he won't lose permission to someone with deeper pockets because I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be posting that on Facebook. Congrats to him on a true monarch.
  12. Bigslam51

    Happy birthday bearded Chad!

    Happy birthday, brother! I hope it's a good one!
  13. Bigslam51

    Hammer down, balls on the ground

    Well deserving hunter has bone on the ground!
  14. Bigslam51

    Chad's 2017 Yote Trapping

    Finally got time to boil a few of my traps, and dye my snares. Ran out and put a double hay set in today. This set is right off the edge of the Alfalfa just inside the cut corn. There's a trap offset in the front, and one 10" back on the right side. Andy Weisers horse meat inside the hay...
  15. Bigslam51

    FOR SALE Vortex crossfire binos

    Selling these because I just picked up a pair of Diamondbacks. $80 Shipped within Ohio.
  16. Bigslam51

    Woke up to..........an iks

    Balls on the ground😎
  17. Bigslam51

    DEAL Lee 36 34 jeans

    I've only worn these once. I just have too many pairs of jeans. So if anyone wears this size and wants a nice pair jeans I'll gladly give them away for free.
  18. Bigslam51

    Striker giveaway at 9:15pm tonight!

    Going to be giving this one away tonight. Runs like a champ on slate, screams on aluminium.
  19. Bigslam51

    DEAL 20 foot ladder sticks at Menards

    $30 otd, can't beat that for this ladder stick. Most of them this cheap are the staggered step versions.