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  1. Sgt Fury

    Hunting vids

    126 dvd’s and 54 vhs tapes…180 total videos. Great opportunity for someone to resell or add to their collection. They cost $10-15 each when purchased new. DVD/vhs rack included. Asking $200. Can meet in Logan or McArthur when I’m out there in ohio at the end of October or can arrange a hillbilly...
  2. Sgt Fury

    RCBS dies for 220 swift

    $40. Will be in ohio at the end of October. Can meet in Logan or McArthur, or hillbilly express.
  3. Sgt Fury

    Reloading bullets

    Reloading bullets $40 for all. I’ll be out in ohio at the end of October and can meet in Logan or McArthur, or hillbilly express. Quantities are listed on post it note.
  4. Sgt Fury

    Arrow dipping station

    Arrow dipper. $25. Can meet in Logan or McArthur when I’m out there hunting at the end of October, or hillbilly express.
  5. Sgt Fury

    Screw in tree steps

    34 screw in tree steps and a home made step starter. These steps are heavy duty type. The thin ones go for over $3 each at Walmart. Asking $70. I’ll be coming out to hunt at the end of October through the first week of November. I can meet in Logan or McArthur or maybe get it to you via...
  6. Sgt Fury

    Tailgate mount

    I posted last year about a unique mount. It is under the pack out mount thread. This one is another very unusual mount I stumbled upon today….
  7. Sgt Fury

    Has this ever happened to you?

    When I got this email, I read the title and spit tea outta my nose! Which one of you dirty bastards gave these people my email?😂😂
  8. Sgt Fury

    Pennsylvania Lumber Museum

    I visited the Pennsylvania Lumber Museum in Potter county last week right after my visit to the ice mine. I spent a few hours here….lots of history to see. They had a lot of old equipment and even had sawmills, lumber camps and all of the other buildings that were used back in the day to get the...
  9. Sgt Fury

    Couldersport ice mine

    When I was up in Potter county Pennsylvania last week, I went to see the Couldersport ice mine. It’s a deep hole nestled in a hemlock forest and every summer ice forms in the “mine”. It melts away during the fall/winter seasons and starts forming again in the spring when the weather starts to...
  10. Sgt Fury

    Paulie Walnuts passing

  11. Sgt Fury

    Huge wildfire in NJ

    12,000 acre fire in a state forest. It is VERY close to where I go fishing for white perch on the Mullica river. Been burning for a couple of days.
  12. Sgt Fury

    Ray Liotta passing

  13. Sgt Fury

    Turkey jewels

  14. Sgt Fury

    Free feathers

    Got a Turkey today and remembered the thread that was posted about grinding the feathers. If anyone wants these feathers, just send me a pm with your name/address and I’ll mail them to you. I have a permit for next week so I may get another Turkey. I’ll wait until my season is done before...
  15. Sgt Fury

    Hunting clubs of the past

    The guy on the far right leaning up against the pillar was a member of our gun club (Piney Hollow Sportsmen)….he passed in 1996. Loved playing cards with the old timers every night during buck week.👍😊
  16. Sgt Fury

    Sgt Fury’s 2022 Ohio/NJ seasons

    This is how my 2022 season is starting. I found my neighbor had placed a double ladder stand 20 yards from my property line, facing my land and shooting lanes cut out to my property. Just spent the last two days marking the property line, putting in posts, putting up a fence and lots of no...
  17. Sgt Fury

    Hard to find bourbons...

    I was pm’d by a someone on here who is very famous for his fishing exploits. He’s looking for a bourbon that is hard to find in ohio but is common in every single liquor store I’ve been to here in Jersey. It’s illegal to ship via USPS, Fed Ex or UPS. I told him I can purchase it for him, but...
  18. Sgt Fury

    Auction find

    Going to an auction tomorrow and this was on their auction site preview. Don’t know if they are any good but the arrows look to be feathers and the packaging looks old. Any suggestions on how much is too much to bid?
  19. Sgt Fury

    Sgt Fury’s 2022 trail cam pics

    Starting off 2022 trail cam pics with these….
  20. Sgt Fury

    New Toyota camper

    Dave’s next truck??