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  1. Outdoorsfellar

    1st fawn pic of the season

  2. Outdoorsfellar

    Have you ever painted a snake ?

    So my wife has this hair brain idea...... She's been out weeding & mulching our outside living area & we have a resident garter... or two. Poor thing is awful afraid, but I tell the snake the wife is pretty much harmless. Anyway, the wife has the same feelings & thinks spraying the snake in a...
  3. Outdoorsfellar

    Help I'm curious ......

    Is there a way to change the color of the white screen when 1st opening the app ? Its quite blinding when waking up in the morning. I don't always remember to turn down the brightness setting beforehand.
  4. Outdoorsfellar

    RIP Peter Robbins

    I kinda wonder if he's up there finally kicking that football...... voice character for " Charlie Bown". The guy had a lot of personal problems in life. Suicide.
  5. Outdoorsfellar

    RIP Marvin Lee Aday

    Forever known as Meat Loaf. A lot of Paradise was found by the dashboard light ....
  6. Outdoorsfellar

    Gut pile cam

    The yotes have still been frequent, so we'll see what happens. The neighbor still let's the damn Brittany's run loose, so I'm hoping he'll have a nasty surprise on his carpet later on ....
  7. Outdoorsfellar

    If you get a call from me ....

    What a goofy new year start. I'm at work today & soon after i arrived, I looked at my phone & saw all these notifications from my home security cams. There was a sheriff deputy knocking on different doors 10 min after I left at 0630. He never bothered to ring the door bell , so the wife never...
  8. Outdoorsfellar

    One of my favorite YouTube channels

    If you like outdoor property maintenance, this is for you ..... Andrew Camarata. This young guy has it all. Heavy machinery usage, land clearing, excavating, ....home is a steel container " castle ". Pretty much works on his own. His ability to fix / repair his own equipment is interesting to...
  9. Outdoorsfellar

    Don't forget

    Yellowstone season 4 starts tonight. Wife discovered last night that we actually get the Paramount channel on Hulu. Never paid attention beforehand.
  10. Outdoorsfellar

    FYI Cabela's super deal

    I have a few Spypoint Link Micros as well as the solar model. I have had very good luck with all. Cabela"s has the solar link micro AT&T on sale for $119, Normally $169. This is a very good buy, considering you don't have to keep buying batteries for it. I always have reward points, so I got...
  11. Outdoorsfellar

    Moultrie Delta videos

    I can't believe how much I'm enjoying this cam after having a bad start., I'm going to post videos here of anything half decent or more & just to see how long my luck holds out w/ this cam. A few mornings ago, 1st buck came in the early light & he started grunting as the video ended. Not sure...
  12. Outdoorsfellar

    Video file question

    My Moultrie Delta experience has done a complete turnaround. It's fun as fuck. I love being able to have videos sent . There's always a catch though. I can share the videos on FB, but not here. When I try, I get this popup ... I've tried different compressors, converters to no avail. I even...
  13. Outdoorsfellar

    They're out here tonight

    Two healthy bastards stalking the area last night. Different cams caught them ...
  14. Outdoorsfellar

    That guy from that damn state up north keeps getting older

    Happy Birthday Charles
  15. Outdoorsfellar

    Another bites the dust ....

    RIP Charlie Watts - Rolling Stones drummer
  16. Outdoorsfellar

    My Stealth cam

    This is neat. I have a Sam's Club membership & last November I had my eyes on their Stealth " Trail -Tek " cell cam. They had it for $ 99 & you get 3 months unlimited plan for free It took a while, but I finally bought it, not knowing how this would preform. It looks just like their Fusion &...
  17. Outdoorsfellar

    I hate to be excited about this....

    Neighborhood just lost power. Except ME ! First time ever needing it ....
  18. Outdoorsfellar

    Finally one close to home

    Neighbor just sent this. It's from yesterday at their son's property just east of Newark ( across from Kiwana's ball park on Bolen Rd Rick ) Kinda odd in a way, the wife was trying to tell me last week that something similar crossed the road in front of her pretty much in the same area. She...
  19. Outdoorsfellar

    Bear attack !

    Trying to dramatic with myheading..lol.Just got word thats there's a bear in these woods just south of Newark/ Heath. Attacking some dog is all I know.
  20. Outdoorsfellar

    First growth

    I put one of my cams back out yesterday. Nice to see they are hitting my mineral rock .