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  1. bigten05

    gun season numbers

    so i had some time at work and decided to check some numbers on gun week, i think were all on the same page that gun hunting is a dieing breed with the long archery season and crossbows and i have no problem with that. i still think we are being led astray by the odnr, the herd is still down in...
  2. bigten05

    Coops first buck.

    Last night me and Cooper went on a mission to get his first buck. We got in the blind about 5 after I got off work. Almost immediately a buck busts a doe out in the field and chases her in front of us. About 6:15 I look up and see see 2 more does coming over the hill and 2 more bucks right...
  3. bigten05

    Trick or treat

    Well savannah does it again. Same spot she shot her buck last year. And almost the same exact shot placement to. Last night she asked if I would take her to the spot she shot her buck last year. So this morning we headed that way We got in the blind and I asked her if she thought she was lucky...
  4. bigten05

    Josh's 2021 season

    Turkey season started this weekend in Tennessee. Me and my brothers will be going down this year together. This will be our first out of State trip with all 3 of us hunting together my plan Is to try to get them a bird before I do. My buddies down there have a few using the same areas they...
  5. bigten05

    Joshs 2020 season

    figured I'd get one of these started even tho I usually get to busy to keep up. My season will start in Kentucky on a new piece we just picked up. Its had a couple booners on it in the past and we have a few solid deer showing up already on it. We spent last weekend down there planting food...
  6. bigten05

    I know a little something.

    No need to keep everyone waiting it was me. Today I hurried home from work because I was gonna leave for Kentucky since its rifle season and my brother and buddy from Tennessee are down there hunting but it's been really slow. so I decided not to go and to head out behind the house. I hung a...
  7. bigten05

    Josh's 2019/20 season

    Ive got a couple cams checked and plan on getting the rest checked this weekend. Along with moving some stands. I hope i can have another season like last year. But taking 3 people out and getting them their first deer is gonna be hard to beat. Heres a few pics from so far this year.
  8. bigten05

    I know something

    I know i finally filled my buck tag. An afternoon of highs and lows. I shot this buck at 11 today and wasnt able to recover him til 330. The original shot was right thru the neck and after jumping him once and having to track down a land owner we finally got close enough to put him down.
  9. bigten05

    Bigtens 2018/2019 season

    I went and checked a few spots today after work. The cams had been out for a few weeks and I wanted to make sure they were all working before I let them soak til about the middle of July. I do have a few that are easy to check that I'll check more often to hold me over or give me and the kids...
  10. bigten05


    I know I'm tagged out. I was gonna let someone post it but lost a few numbers that I had of people. After starting off the year with a kill in Kentucky on their opening weekend I hunted hard here and never drew my bow or picked up my gun when I was out until New year's Eve I shot a doe. That...
  11. bigten05

    josh's 2017-2018 deer hunting

    so i now have 12 cameras out on 5 properties, loosing a couple places last year left me with a few extra cams so i could double up on some areas and check out spots ive never given a try before. ive got one cam across the road from my house and ive got 2 decent ones on camera there already and...
  12. bigten05

    Tennessee was good to us this year.

    Wednesday afternoon we headed down to Tennessee to meet up with some friends. we got there just before the storms hit. it was 75 when we got there the next day it was 40 with 35 mph winds that knocked the turkeys down alot no gobbles on the limb at all. We stayed out all day and bounced around...
  13. bigten05

    Who's ready for turkey season.

    My buddy in Tennessee is getting me fired up for April. I'll be sitting in this fence row opening day.
  14. bigten05

    The end of kicker

    Well as most of you guys seen this year my brother and I were hunting a giant with a bunch of kickers and a pretty good drop tine. My brother had gotten pictures before me on a new spot he picked up. After trying to get a game plan on him I picked up a property about half mile away where I...
  15. bigten05

    the heavy 9

    this season started off me picking up a new property in an area i know has some good deer, me and a buddy started running cams in june on the property and it was very slow until the first week of september the bucks started showing up big time i knew it was gonna be a good spot for the rut...
  16. bigten05

    The rut is on

    I've officially named these too fruit cakes Dave and Chad
  17. bigten05

    Life lesson from my 4 year old.

    Saturday evening I was over looking a acorn flat that is loaded this year.i had passed numerous does and was debating on shooting one but I knew a good buck was in the area from the new rubs next to the stand. At 6:55 I look to my right and see a good buck coming right to me.i knew it was the...
  18. bigten05

    Am I wrong for doi g this.

    So yesterday I went out to check cameras.on a property that only we have permission on we have hunted it for 14 years and actually leased it this year to help the landowner out with the taxes and because an outfitter was trying to lease it from him. Anyways I drive up to the top field where I...
  19. bigten05

    Team 2

    im here. i havent heard much arounfd the house since the weather got cold again but i did here 2 toms this morning before work. i wont be able to get out as much as id like but ive got some decent spots to go so im hoping for atleast one bird good luck
  20. bigten05

    bigten05s 2016 season

    well i figured id start another of these for this year. i should be leaving now for my usual spring trip to Tennessee for turkey but the wife has other plans, shes going in monday to be induced if she dont have him before then, she told me i could go but i know as soon as i got down there she...