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  1. Smawgunner2

    Appalachia Party

    Me and some buddies were going to Tennessee to go caving with 3 car loads of friends. Well we're driving up this twisted road and came upon a tuck that went off the road and a tow truck was pulling it out. We all stopped and got out of the car to kill time until the road was clrear. I was in...
  2. Smawgunner2

    And F#CK Nextdoor too

    One one hand I'm pissed. On the other its laughable. The thing is, I don't recall posting ANYTHING on COVID. I'm freaked vaxed and boosted. I don't agree with mandates or masks, but I never posted Jack shit that would get me booted. I HAVE posted lots of shit about this President, 2nd amendment...
  3. Smawgunner2

    Lighted nock lifespan

    Sent one sailing this weekend but it was super sunny and couldn’t find it….I’ll be back Saturday to look for it. What are my chances this mofo will still be lit?
  4. Smawgunner2

    History of my camp

    Thought I'd detail our property and the progress I've made over the past 8 years. We bought 84 acres with a house that was a total loss. I was going to pull it over and burn it. It hadn't been lived in for over 40+ years. Animals had taken it over. Got to poking around in it...tore off a cedar...
  5. Smawgunner2

    City deer part....3?

    I have a stand in my backyard that I just chill in. This buck was chasing 2 doe all over the place. Apparently he's used to people.
  6. Smawgunner2

    Coyote compensatory reproduction

    Google this. We have so many damn coyote it's ludicrous. I'm hesitant to shoot one here and there because they're able to rebound numbers by increasing litter size as a result of a drop in population. I don't have a thermal scope or the time to effectively make a dent in their population. Has...
  7. Smawgunner2

    More city deer

    This one near Worthington, suburb of Columbus inside 270. Near Clintonville Unreal!
  8. Smawgunner2

    Hang um’ high!

    The charges stem from a joint investigation by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and the office of Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost. https://www.10tv.com/mobile/article/news/crime/8-indicted-for-stealing-deer-meat-illegally-poaching/530-fe890143-f462-4dd5-af1e-4070b12f1713
  9. Smawgunner2

    Athens firewood?

    Anyone selling or have a source for split/dry firewood around Athens? My go-to was out.
  10. Smawgunner2

    Chevy Colorado Grill

    For a 200.00 ebay Chinese grill...this damn thing fits like a glove. My only complaint is with Chevy....you have to remove the entire front end to take the effing grill off! An hour + job! Sounds like something the Japanese would do.
  11. Smawgunner2

    More city deer

    Making themselves comfortable in my neighbors yard….Columbus.
  12. Smawgunner2

    COVID in deer

    Remember kids, be sure to wear your PPE while hunting 🤦 https://www.nbc4i.com/community/health/coronavirus/first-covid-19-cases-discovered-in-ohio-deer-can-they-pass-it-to-people
  13. Smawgunner2

    Where to look for a compound

    I'll be picking up my first compound bow for this season. All the advice I see is "shoot as many as you can", which makes sense, but the only retail stores I know of that have ranges is Cabelas. Any other places in central Ohio that I should look?
  14. Smawgunner2

    CWD interesting interactive tool

    Came across this today. Kinda cool. https://prezi.com/view/4nOX8oIidLWUNhxbmiex/
  15. Smawgunner2

    QD sling attachments

    I'm going to be lugging my 20 inch AR .350 legend around the woods this year. I have several slings but none that I can remove the damn ends on them so I can slide the strap through a QD attachment. I can't seem to find a QD attachment that'll match up to my slings....are they out there?
  16. Smawgunner2

    Baiting gone TOO far?

    Silly city deer. Give them an inch and they take a mile! 😆 Took 3 days to hand feed this doe. She’s all skin and bones.
  17. Smawgunner2

    Rifle camo

    Painted my first rifle. Not bad I guess for a first time.,
  18. Smawgunner2

    JSE Surplus?

    Anyone have experience with this company? My buddy vouches for them so I bought a 350 legend upper. Going to build the rest. https://www.jsesurplus.com/JSE18350Legend16.5M-LOKFreeFloat-FathersDayWeekendSpecialor.aspx
  19. Smawgunner2

    Autumns Armory

    Ever watch this 7 1/2 year olds channel? She's got more firearm discipline than most gun owning adults. Knows a shit ton more TOO!
  20. Smawgunner2

    Rivers Edge Retreat stand from Menards

    Bought and set up a new deer stand. After a good snow fall....I quickly found out I was not in the prime spot I thought I was. This season should be a bit more exciting. Review: The stand was on sale for 99.00 at the end of the season so I bought 2. After setting it up, I'm pretty impressed...