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  1. giles

    Heavy bolt build on affordable crossbow

    I finally did it. Wanted to see how practical I could build a bow and bolt combination. Slowly gathering parts and pieces over the last couple of weeks. I had enough to bring it with me this weekend to assemble and dial it in. @OhioWhiteTails and I got to joking with @TinyTucky about getting...
  2. giles


    Mother....MOM! Mother TOO!!!! It's your birthday. Big 41. Whats your plans?
  3. giles

    How old is this buck?

    Interesting thoughts and I really like the follow up thoughts.
  4. giles


    With truck prices being outrageous, I am looking to downgrade. With that comes rust, lots of rust. A 20 year old truck seems to run fine still, but is rusted to shit. So I will have to do something to stop it from breaking in half. POR 15 comes to mind as I know a few of you use it. @hickslawns...
  5. giles

    What is it?

    Highland County ohio I think it is a big cat roaming. What do you think it is?
  6. giles

    My CBD experience

    Hey @Mickey Merrie How about this for a report? I have a legit mental disorder and have tried a bunch of meds over the years to try and control my anger. Even more dangerous than my fits or rage is my manic stages. Those usually end up being very expensive. Sometimes even causing me to...
  7. giles

    Old people drinks

    J was making fun of me for drinking old man pop the other day. My mind just went wondering about it this morning. Oddly enough, all my favorite drinks are owned by the same company. I don't drink pop often but when I do it is usually an RC cola, Vernors, Dr. Pepper or rootbeer. I found it...
  8. giles

    Leftover pork loin

    Seems every time we smoke up a pork loin, we always have leftovers. And let's be honest, leftover pork loin pretty much sucks. We did a brisket and 2 loins Saturday. (Brisket leftovers went to the freezer to be made into chili in the fall) My brain went to spinning about what to do with the...
  9. giles

    Happy mothers day

    Dustin! This is the day I'm thankful that TOO has its own mother. You keep us in line for food, attendance, and everything else. We don't have to worry about what is covered because we have you. Thank you for that. Keep on keeping on you naggy little.... 🤣🖕🏿 What's on the menu today folks...
  10. giles

    Lumber prices😳

    What is going on and how do we fix it? https://www.npr.org/2021/03/30/982805743/lumber-prices-are-staying-sky-high-even-if-the-pandemic-ends-soon Construction is about to stop. How long till it recovers? How does this change things in your future?
  11. giles

    Alaska dream hunts

    For those of you interested in moose hunting. I suggest you take the 2 hours to watch this. This is pretty telling of how it is. Only I've never had the luxury of planes and more people. Lol I am only at 1:15, so I'm sure I will have more to add.
  12. giles

    Turkey question

    Anyone ever kick them up like pheasants? I jumped one like a damn pheasant Friday. Shed hunting a big CRP field I walk right up to him and he flushed from 15'! Talk about a RUSH!!! I was reaching for guns I didn't even have on me. After my buddy and I stopped laughing, threw out underwear away...
  13. giles

    2021 SHROOMS!

    I think I've had the liberty of starting this thread the last few years. I haven't seen a dandelion yet...but this weeks lows are in the 50s! That is usually what I really look for. All this sunshine has to be warming up the ground quickly. Looking forward to my annual ribeye and morel meal...
  14. giles


    Anyone know anything about them? I do not, but I am in the market for a new commuter car. Driving 71 every day I want something that still has some size to it. Planning on getting myself inside a few different options in the coming weeks. But the hybrids keep getting my attention. I just don't...
  15. giles

    Winter feeding

    This will likely take me a while but I've been wanting to get this thread started for a while. This time of year I always turn my attention towards food for wildlife. Winters like this with prolonged cold Temps and snow/ice grab my attention. But what do you do to help them? The internet are...
  16. giles

    Cell phone boosters

    What do you know? Anyone have any experience in this area? I do not as I always enjoyed going over to the high barn and not having reception. Now we have our own barn and I'm thinking about putting a ceiling in. This tends to take cell phone reception with a second layer of metal. Also...
  17. giles

    Cell service

    Anyone else's service completely screwed up right now? AT&T here and my group text are screwed. I can barely get on TOO. My wife and kids are having the same problem. They all run iPhone, I have a Note20. It's been slowly getting worse over the last week. I've heard that others are having...
  18. giles

    Go live

    Looks like Spartan is going with a live feed option. Pretty dang neat! https://spartancamera.com/golive
  19. giles

    First TOO outing

    Seems everywhere I look is things that are bad. Kinda tired of it so I want to see some good. Texting with J about some older things it got me thinking about my first outing and it made me smile. My joining here didn't start off so good. I took a little flak that was warranted by what I posted...
  20. giles

    Hot pocket recall

    Pepperoni hot pocket recall. Glass and plastic in them. Do a quick search if you have some in your freezer. Plenty of articles out about it.