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  1. Big_Holla

    Water Treatment Plant Hacked

    Damn, this could be a game changer. You thought remote access to our polls was bad, this is right up there! https://www.foxnews.com/us/fbi-florida-authorities-tips-water-treatment-hacking
  2. Big_Holla

    NRA Files Chapter 11

  3. Big_Holla

    Jenna and the "Big 9"

    This one has been a long time coming so please bear with me! Jenna started the week with finals in her second to last semester in Nursing School. She passed them with flying colors and since we had already decided to get her her Ohio deer license it was very fitting to give that to her this...
  4. Big_Holla

    Taxidermist Between Athens and Columbus

    Looking for a new taxidermist somewhere between Athens and Columbus off Rt 33 so to speak. Or for that matter Columbus and say Toledo.
  5. Big_Holla

    What's IT Score And The Impacts On Hunting Today

    Thoughts? Mixed feelings here. Back in the day you referred to a buck as a 6 point, 8 point or a wall hanger LOL! Nowadays it IS about score. I will never have any of my bucks officially scored but a rough score gives you some perspective on how big it was. I'll add that deer hunting back...
  6. Big_Holla

    The Story Of Pete

    Strouds weekend was quickly becoming a great opportunity for Allen and I to spend some good time together. With him having conferences Thursday and Friday it meant he didn’t have school. Rarely do we get more than a weekend to do something like this. Top it off with us being able to go down the...
  7. Big_Holla


    Two blondes are in a river holding fishing poles with the lines in the water. A game warden comes up behind them, taps them on the shoulder and says, "Excuse me, ladies, I'd like to see your fishing licenses." "We don't have any." replied the first woman. "Well, if your going to fish, you need...
  8. Big_Holla

    Deer Tracking Dog - 2020

    I got this off of the Ohio Deer Trackers Facebook page. Just in case anyone needed it this season.
  9. Big_Holla

    Hunting the Thermals

    Pretty good video on thermals. The fog timelapse shows how they can be a finicky bitch.
  10. Big_Holla

    Hunting Safety - 2020

    Wanted to share a couple of hunting accidents that happened over the weekend here in Michigan. Michigan had their early youth gun season Saturday and Sunday on private land. It's usually a very safe time for these new hunters but not this year. While it is early in the investigation on these...
  11. Big_Holla

    WV Dead Crows.......

    The West Virginia Department of Transportation (WVDOT) found over 200 dead crows on I64 East near Lewisburg, this past week, and there was concern that they may have died from the Coronavirus. A veterinary epidemiologist examined the remains of all the crows, and, to everyone's relief...
  12. Big_Holla

    Big Holla Family’s Season - Covid Style

    I decided I should have just started a family post highlighting our usual ups and downs of season prep and our hunts that will include Ohio and Michigan. My daughter Jenna has been talking about hunting more this year so hopefully we will have some updates from her as well. Hopefully you all...
  13. Big_Holla

    Hand Spreaders

    Need a replacement hand spreader for brassica and clover sized seed. Any recommendations? Reviews on some are so hit or miss and most are only spreading grass seed or rock salt. The one I have now jams often and with a limited amount of seed for a couple plots I need something I can control...
  14. Big_Holla

    Salsa Recipes

    Was trying to locate some of your salsa and hot pepper mustard recipes and was having a tough go. Thought maybe we could start a thread with what you guys like to do. Looking to can it as well.
  15. Big_Holla

    Camo Clothing Help

    Hope you guys can help me out on finding some new camo for Allen for his birthday. I'm not looking to break the bank and go the Sitka route but my goal is to find a real good jacket built for bowhunting that is quiet with some insulation (October/November Ohio weather). I don't know what...
  16. Big_Holla

    Way To Represent Ohio University!

    My daughter just shared this with me. If you don't know who Kaitlin Bennett is you probably recognize the girl that open carried an AR at Kent State University. Well she's been visiting college campuses in Ohio and she was just at OU in Athens. You will hear it wasn't quite a riot, you'll...
  17. Big_Holla

    IKS to a very well deserving hunter!

    It’s true blood has been spilled and it was well worth the wait!
  18. Big_Holla

    Ohio Bobcats....and I don't mean the college!

    I about crapped myself when these pics came across my screen on my latest trail camera pull. That's a lot of hungry mouths to feed for momma.
  19. Big_Holla

    Deer reaction at the shot, head down vs. head up

    Thought this was very cool to watch. Kinda makes me think a little more on when to shoot as I always figured a head down deer was a relaxed deer. https://www.growingdeer.tv/video/NQYZvE2e