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  1. Big_Holla

    School Lockdowns

    Not a word of it up here......
  2. Big_Holla

    Lumber prices😳

  3. Big_Holla

    Mornin' geezer!

    Morning TOO
  4. Big_Holla

    Covid vaccinations

    You'd fuck everything up if they were full and shopped for a greeting card LOL!
  5. Big_Holla

    Mornin' geezer!

    Morning TOO......blur of a weekend!!
  6. Big_Holla

    It ended today

  7. Big_Holla

    Mornin' geezer!

    Morning TOO....we made it to Friday again!
  8. Big_Holla

    2021 Turkey Season “Live”

  9. Big_Holla

    Today is National Day of Prayer

    Prayers to you all.
  10. Big_Holla

    Mornin' geezer!

    Morning TOO
  11. Big_Holla

    Mornin' geezer!

    Morning TOO
  12. Big_Holla

    Life in the ‘70’s and ‘80’s

  13. Big_Holla

    Happy Birthday J

    J is pregnant?!?! Man I am so confused I thought this was his birthday?!
  14. Big_Holla

    Baseball Journal

    On the flip side of that though was the academic side I should have mentioned. She was enrolled in an accelerated honors academy that actually taught her how to study and work hard with schooling. Guaranteed that is what helped her get through nursing school. All the terminology, prescription...
  15. Big_Holla

    Baseball Journal

    We regretted having Jenna go to a higher level high school mostly for playing ball. It was her decision to move but I know her and I am sure mom and dad's opinions weighed heavy on her final say-so. She lost most of her friends she grew up with playing ball, mostly because they viewed her as...
  16. Big_Holla

    Happy Birthday J

  17. Big_Holla

    Pictures of Spring.

    Looks like the flowers on our apple and crabapple trees survived the frosts a week or so ago. Was awesome standing under them listening to the honey bees working their magic.