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  1. Isaacorps

    The TOO dump thread

    Wow, terrible 🙁 hope he pulls through
  2. Isaacorps

    Lumber prices😳

    Same thing is happening with copper. 100%+ increase over the past few months. We are getting updated price lists from our supply houses 2-3 times per week. We are writing into all of our bids that the bid is only good until acceptance at which point it will be updated based on copper price...
  3. Isaacorps

    NC Turkey/fishing trip

    Congrats! Sounds like y’all are having a ball
  4. Isaacorps

    4th Annual* Family Fishing and Camping Outing Paint Creek 2021

    I’ll be hunting near Athens 24-26th. Wouldn’t mind meeting up for lunch at Millstone in Logan any of those days after the morning hunt. Can’t promise that Blantons will make it to @jagermeister though 😉😅
  5. Isaacorps

    2021 SHROOMS!

    Yes. Permethrin and DEET is the answer. We mowed high weeds and traversed overgrown trails today and they literally fell off.
  6. Isaacorps

    What did you do for the deer today?

    Beat me to it. After all, as Ohio hunters, we are but mere tools in the all knowing hands of the ODNR
  7. Isaacorps

    What did you do for the deer today?

    Minerals are getting hit hard by the pregnant does and I spy velvet 😍
  8. Isaacorps

    Box Turtles

    Stumbled across a couple today
  9. Isaacorps

    ODNR proposed dates for Deer & Turkey Seasons

    Looks like the Vinton Furnace muzzy hunt is back on 🤘🏼
  10. Isaacorps

    WTB 14-16' Aluminum Bost w/ 9.9 & Trailer

    The bonnets on 9.9 and 15 motors of the same manufacturer are usually interchangeable. On ones I’ve owned anyway. Replacement decals stating the HP are easily obtained as well. Or so I’ve heard 👀
  11. Isaacorps

    WTB 14-16' Aluminum Bost w/ 9.9 & Trailer

    That’s how I sold mine. 10 years ago I woulda been your guy lol
  12. Isaacorps

    Spencie's 2021 Turkeys

    Frame worthy. Great pic!
  13. Isaacorps

    Winchester raising ammo prices

    Denny, where the hell ya been?!?
  14. Isaacorps

    What's good TOO?

    Congrats, buddy!
  15. Isaacorps

    Trumpet calls

    Very cool!
  16. Isaacorps

    ODOW managed youth hunts

    Excellent gesture on your part. Congrats on the draws!
  17. Isaacorps

    New here

    Welcome, glad to have you!
  18. Isaacorps

    What's For Dinner?

    Eatin good in the trailerhood!
  19. Isaacorps

    What's in your cup?

    Try that AH with lemonade on the rocks on a 90 degree day 🤤
  20. Isaacorps

    What's in your cup?