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  1. Isaacorps

    Isaac’s 2020 buck

    For the past 2 years I’ve been fortunate enough to be invited down to my friend’s grandpa’s place in Lawrence county to hunt during gun season. It’s a classic “deer camp” with several of us hunting and hanging out for a few days. My buddy moved out of state for work this past spring and wasn’t...
  2. Isaacorps

    LIVE from the stand 2020-21

    Just over a week til the opener so might as well fire up what is, for many of us, the most entertaining and closely followed thread all year. Looking forward to all the ups, downs, and updates along the way. Wishing everyone an enjoyable, successful, and safe deer season!
  3. Isaacorps

    Favorite Ethnic Food

    Don’t know why I got to thinking about this earlier lol. What say y’all?
  4. Isaacorps

    A Family Affair - Isaac’s 2020 Longbeard

    I didn’t grow up in a family that hunted. I was, however, drawn to the sport at an early age. My dad humored me and took me deer hunting as a youngster. I’m forever grateful that he nurtured my interest, even though it wasn’t his own. My grandpa grew up hunting but, by the time my brother and I...
  5. Isaacorps

    There aren’t many...

    ...concerts that move the needle for me but this one sits squarely atop the list. 2 of my favorites touring together and I don’t have to travel to see them? Oh yeah! 🤘🏼Sturgill Simpson and Tyler Childers in Columbus 3/20/2020. I’m counting down already...
  6. Isaacorps

    LIVE from the stand 2019-20

    Well we’re 2 days out from the opener so might as well get this rolling again! This is always one of my favorite threads to follow during the season to keep up with everyone’s adventures. Best of luck to everyone on a safe and successful season!
  7. Isaacorps

    Full Draw Film Tour 2019

    I attended this last year and it’s a great time benefitting a good cause. @Curran and the folks at Sportsmen’s Alliance put on a great event and the films are phenomenal. I highly recommend attending if you’re in or around Columbus. https://www.sportsmensalliance.org/events/full-draw-film-tour/
  8. Isaacorps

    Beginner Compound Bow Recommendations

    I’m kicking around buying a compound bow and making the switch from crossbow for hunting. I have some experience shooting from when I was younger but not really much to speak of. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and researching on which bows are the best for beginners and have narrowed it down...
  9. Isaacorps

    FOR SALE Summit Viper Climber

    Selling my Summit Viper Classic, it’s 4 years old and used maybe a dozen times total. I attached the MOLLE II shoulder straps with load lifters and MOLLE II kidney belt. These mods are a huge improvement over the worthless backpack straps that came with it and make packing in and out much...
  10. Isaacorps

    Lone Wolf climber thoughts/reviews

    I’m seriously considering going with a 100% mobile setup approach next year and am in the market for a new lightweight climber. I’m looking hard at the Lone Wolf Assault Hand Climber and also the Sit and Climb. The differences are obvious and I’m just trying to figure out if the added comfort...
  11. Isaacorps

    Sportsmen’s Alliance Spring Fling

    This looks like it’ll be a good event to support a great group. I attended the Full Draw Film Tour they put on back in September and it was a great time and I got to put some faces with names of several members. Hopefully @Curran will be along to fill us in on the details for this event. Anyway...
  12. Isaacorps

    LIVE from the stand 2018-19

    So...haven’t seen this fired up yet. Can’t wait for all the live updates beginning tomorrow! Good luck all!
  13. Isaacorps

    Isaac 2018 pics

    I didn’t run any mineral sites this year and have only had one camera soaking since turkey season. Placed it on a trail and told myself “what the hell, I’ll come back and check at the end of summer”. I’m going with the less is more approach this year, just a couple cameras on trails, no bait...
  14. Isaacorps

    Go rest high...

    I hesitate to post this as I know there are far bigger problems in this world but I hope this will be well received. My younger and only brother left this world to be with his creator one week ago today. The past few days have been a blur of tears, laughter, pain, and beautiful memories. I take...
  15. Isaacorps

    MOLLLE II climber mod

    Hey guys, I’m sure some of you have added mil surplus MOLLE backpack straps to your climbers to replace OEM crappy straps (especially on a summit viper like I have). I just ordered the backpack straps and waist belt from eBay to add to mine. I’ve seen some other tutorials but they seem a little...
  16. Isaacorps

    Dead head rules

    Hay guys, anybody know the rules on keeping a dead head find? Need to let the wildlife officer know? Tag it? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  17. Isaacorps

    Ridges vs Bottoms

    Wanted to get a few opinions on hunting ridges versus bottoms in the steep remote areas with no real ag fields around for obvious feeding areas. I’ve always heard that the bucks like to run the ridges looking for does but have also heard of a lot of nice deer being killed out of thick, brushy...
  18. Isaacorps

    Isaac's 2017 pics

    This is the first I've run cams this early in the year. I'm in the same area I normally hunt but in a new spot trying to get a better idea of how the deer are using the property. Pretty excited about what I'm seeing. Lots of does, some clearly pregnant, and some bucks in velvet which is cool cuz...
  19. Isaacorps

    Deer lever gun options

    Hi all, I was wondering if I could get yalls opinions on lever guns. I've been considering getting a lever gun in one of the deer legal calibers for a while now and have pretty much decided on 44 magnum for caliber. I wanted a 45-70 but the ammo is cost prohibitive and 357 magnum seems a little...
  20. Isaacorps

    Sighting in Muzzleloader

    I looked around but didn't see anything on this so please forgive me if this is redundant. Just wanted to pick y'alls brains and see what distance you sight in your muzzleloadera at? I've always sighted mine in at 50 yards because that's the longest shooting range I have access to. I figure that...