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  1. triple_duece

    New mushroom ID help

    Got some growing in the wooded part in my yard. Looks like chanterelle mushroom. @Jamie
  2. triple_duece

    OOS Hunt in Missouri

    Well I guess this is the place to post my hunt a few years back. Here goes. I had been making a couple oos hunts with some close buddies in Missouri. These hunts were in September when bow season opened. A big learning curve was to be had as this type of hunting I’d never done before. As most...
  3. triple_duece

    Got my girl back

    Had my new truck ceramic coated this past week. I’m happy with it. It’s an animal to wash and especially wax.
  4. triple_duece

    Time for the “oh shit” thread

    Ok I will be the first to admit, I’ve had more moments than I want to remember. I also know I ain’t the only one, so fess up and laugh with all of us This one starts a long time ago. We were headed to the camp. My buddy makes homemade wine and yes I was tossing back the bottles. Got to the...
  5. triple_duece

    History channel “alone”

    Anyone watching the series on the history channel?
  6. triple_duece

    Browning Command Ops Pro 14.0 MP Game Camera sale

    Academy.com has these cams on sale for $69.99. Think regular price is $120
  7. triple_duece

    Any direct tv owners?

    Get money off just by calling. Seen it on another forum.
  8. triple_duece

    Live from Louisiana

    Well its time for the either sex hunting weekend on this wma. Scouted for 5 people yesterday. Found some good trails and waiting for day to break. My youngest son Hunter and his friend Cody found their own trees after I directed where to go. Barry, Sonny and myself are lined out on an old...
  9. triple_duece

    Live hunt!

    Well our rifle season starts tomorrow. Looking for freezer fillers tomorrow as the nwr has a special doe day hunt. Leaving the house now, 4 hours to the camp. Wish us luck.
  10. triple_duece

    Luckier than a buck w 2 working dicks

    Seen this buck that was killed in Tn, had velvet horns and 2 peckers. Balls didn’t drop so not much for a ball pic Giles lol. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  11. triple_duece

    Something good to share

  12. triple_duece

    Full moon and rut

    I know or think I know there is some correlation to the rut and moon. Also feel that the time of year is just as important. My question is this, what happens when the full moon and date really don’t aline? This year the full moon was around the 23rd and again in November around the 23rd. I’m...
  13. triple_duece

    Cashe me outside, how bout dat!

    Live hunt coming to you in the morning. Louisiana boy hunting Arkansas Cashe River Nwr muzzle loader hunt Saturday thru Monday. Did a lot of scouting. Big woods that reminded me of hunting Missouri. Wide open with vegetation to your knees. Didn’t find as much sign as I was hoping for but finally...
  14. triple_duece

    Live from the stand!!! Sort of lol

    My oldest son and myself arrived at the property to cut and trim lanes. Got it all done before dark and put some golden acorns near our bow stands. This morning my son ain’t ready as usual. He ask me for an arrow, I’m like what? Fug head didn’t bring his quiver. I’m thinking ok we got this...
  15. triple_duece

    My 2018 trophy is ready for pick up!

    Last year early January, this is our rut. Was finally seeing some good bucks when this one stepped out. One shot from my 300 wsm and drt. A great buck around my parts and probably less than average for you fellas. Just thought I’d share my biggest to date. I can tell you what he scores if you...