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  1. Jamie

    for Thoreau fans only

    I like to read, but don't do it enough, really. mostly because most of what I pick up bores the fuck out of me. I enjoy most of the best know writers like Twain, Emerson, Hemmingway, Steinbeck, etc., but Walden had a lasting effect on me. Although a little difficult to get through the first...
  2. Jamie

    nothing says springtime like...

    working on your mower. I have not been on this mower since last September. Nancy does most of the mowing after hunting season starts and mows leaves and pulls a cart around the yard until all the yard work is over for the year. this is the double pulley assembly that transfers power from the PTO...
  3. Jamie

    for sale - Sitka Gear Fanatic Bibs size Large

    used, like new. $250
  4. Jamie

    S.C.R. 8

    I hate switching the clocks back and forth. it's a meaningless exercise that just throws our bodies internal clock into confusion. I'd prefer we stick to one time, but I'm not sure I give a shit whether it's standard time or DST. here's a link to a survey and one for general info about SCR 8...
  5. Jamie

    Java joy

    I'm a coffee fiend. I'm also a coffee snob. I use spring water (never tap water) and grind beans fresh with a burr grinder every day. yesterday I woke up to a pool of water on my counter and half of a 14 cup pot of poorly brewed coffee. This is a true fucking emergency situation at 5:30 am on a...
  6. Jamie

    Squirrel tales 19-20

    after a solid month and a half of bow and arrow hunting, I'm very happy to be getting back to having fun in the woods again. we got three last Friday on a spur of the moment afternoon hunt, got six today, and two more got away on missed shots/bullet deflections. those two were both hanging close...
  7. Jamie

    just for Giles

    I don't know why I thought to do this, then actually went to the trouble. Disturbing on many levels for at least two people...
  8. Jamie

    stock for beans

    I'm making this for one more pot of fresh green beans, ham, and potatoes. I make the same stock for soup beans (great northern and pinto). two smoked ham hocks, shanks or a left over ham bone, large quartered onion, two carrots, two large smashed cloves garlic, celery tops, fresh bay leaves...
  9. Jamie


    Chanterelles are popping, finally. been checking my honey holes about every week or so since third week of June. this is about 10 lbs worth, and about 1/3 of what I carried home today. my back is fucking killing me from bending over to cut them for two hours straight! found all of these in one...
  10. Jamie

    Patriot Mobile?

    Anyone here use Patriot Mobile as their cellular carrier?
  11. Jamie

    Winchester 101 single barrel 12ga Trap

    so my BIL wants to trade Dad's old trap gun for a 9mm pistol. Nancy's dad was an avid shooter and hunter. I've been told he had a collection of very nice rifles and shotguns, some of which I have now, but they are all broken/junk except for a Krag. BIL "inherited" all of Dads guns and sold all...
  12. Jamie

    a couple rubs

    I was taking down all of my stands yesterday and decided pics of these. this is the biggest rub I've ever seen. that is an 11-12" silver maple. this one showed up right after muzzleloader season. this one showed up about 15 yards from one of my stands about one week after I put it up in the...
  13. Jamie

    my food "to-do" list

    I put 30lbs of fresh side in cure this afternoon. smoke it next weekend. I have somewhere between 80 and 100 squirrels in the freezer that I need to can this week. I'll package some for sous vide instead of canning them all this year. if time permits, I'll get going on some cold smoked...
  14. Jamie

    Smoked Salmon

    I've cooked a bunch of salmon, but this is my first try at curing and smoking it. I'm going to hot smoke this batch for use in the traditional ways, but I'm also going to cold smoke some, too. back in the summer when the Sockeye was in season I bought up about 30lbs worth of whole filets and...
  15. Jamie

    2010 - A Deer Odyssey

    since Ric (finelyshedded) inquired about the buck I posted a picture of in the "show them to me" thread", I've been on a bit of a stroll down memory lane. I don't normally put stuff like this out there. My archery hunting pursuits are something I prefer to keep mostly to myself and my close...
  16. Jamie

    Country Classic Oils

    while working in a customers house yesterday and Monday I noticed some interesting art on the walls in areas where I had done work about a year ago. I inquired with my customer and it turns out she is friends with the artist. they grew up together in the same town in Illinois. she had three...
  17. Jamie

    Je fais la cuisine sous vide

    I got a sous vide pump thingy for Christmas. my first go with it is an 8 oz hunk of venison loin. I've been itching to get into this for a while now. is a whole new world of cooking. I'll figure out a way to cook a squirrel with thing one of these days. :) pretty cool. control the thing with...
  18. Jamie

    Meet Juanita

    Nancy works pretty hard and was semi-good this year, but is a terrible housekeeper. only person in our house less inclined to clean it than her is me. Santa brought us Juanita to assist with cleaning duties. She's in charge of the upstairs floors. After doing two-a-days for the first few days...
  19. Jamie

    question for the tech savvy

    need a flash drive. am completely ignorant about such things. have hundreds of digital pics of hunting stuff on my hard drive that I really need to back up in case my 10 year old laptop goes belly up. any brand, style, or whatever I should be looking for or avoiding?
  20. Jamie

    Squirrel Doggin' 2018

    It's the most wonderful time of the year again. I've had a very revealing archery season the first year on my own place. I vowed to ventilate something this season, but that turned out to be not what I expected. I'm happy to have whacked a coyote with my bow, but I was soooo very close to...