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  1. Lucky

    Philp Haneys. "Suicide"

    The whistle blower who was comming clean about Obamas subbmision to jihadist threats and lack of action or dismissing threats as uncredible, lead to lost lives and cover-ups. Was about to publish book this fall , has been missing and was found today. It was ruled suicide. Shot in chest and...
  2. Lucky

    Jussie smolett

    Its about time. Hes been indicted by a special prosecutor. Was a little worried they were going to give him a pass, good to see justice on that shithead. Hes an arrogant fuck and hope he gets his deserve.
  3. Lucky

    Romneys a dueche bag!

    Only Republican to vote with the Dems. Hes pathetic.its cause hes not up for reelection till like 2025 or 26.
  4. Lucky

    Night time saugeyes

    Been killing the big saugeyes in alum. Untill it ices over anyone wanting to catch some good fat big eyes should b fishing now. A tuned jerk bait has been key.
  5. Lucky

    Another 8

    Been a long season and was able to to finaly use my buck tag. Had high hopes for my new land i picked up this fall, and only saw two shooters thruout the rut. Many hours this year in my climber without much action. But went out from noon till dark and rite b4 i was about to climb down this guy...
  6. Lucky


    Just came in from taking kids trick or treating, and it was cold, and windy as shit and snowing. Just a little bit coming down, but it was snowing. As miserable and shitty as it was... I was enjoying it out there. Only a bowhunter would love this cold shitty weather. This will kick rut in...
  7. Lucky

    Attaboyz archery

    Was wondering if. Anyone has been there in Marysville???. Taking bow to get restrung and tuned and picking up stabilizier, new rest , and new sights. And the works. Not sure where to go. Vances , Norton's or attaboyz in marysville. Website looks like full service archery shop.. Leaning...
  8. Lucky


    I know that some varieties are the deers candy, especially white oak. My hunting area before it got stripped to nothing used to have good oaks in there, but the logging comp. Took them of course. How many have good producing oaks on your hunting land and do u hunt by them? Are they the deer...
  9. Lucky

    Pse dropped

    Just wondering if anyone on here has one. Im retiring my hoyt magnatec that ive been shooting for 13 yrs now and got a good deal on this bow. Not shure if pse still makes them, they were only made for a little bit for that show dropped on outdoor channel were the two brothers get dropped of...
  10. Lucky

    spring morels

    Didnt see a forum to post this in... so figured this one is as good as any. Im sure there a plenty on here who are shroom hunters, the way this spring is shaping up..its going to b one of the best springs in a long time. Hopefully others on here will post pics of finds ill b posting once...
  11. Lucky

    Alum spillway

    Does anyone on TOO have any information on what there doing or building by the bridge on big walnut rd. They have had the water flo at a high discharge for over ten days.Wich is not normal, I keep up on army corp of engineer website constantly this time of year cause i fish spillways...
  12. Lucky

    Saugeye addicts?

    Any other anglers on TOO an addict of saugeyes? Been chasing these fish for last 15 yrs after catching some at alum while fishing for crappies using bobber and minnow. Since that day almost exclusively fish for them all yr long spring we slay them in spillways and coves then...
  13. Lucky

    High Low High

    What a day, sat in this wind from daylight and by 130 hadnt even seen a deer started doubting my area it was one of the best areas ive ever hunted then it got cleared for development they havnt started building but soon they will they left a few little strips of woods...
  14. Lucky

    doe n heat scents

    Was wondering about everyones opinion or feelings on using doe estrous scents here in rut. Ive used b4 with little success have usualy brought in smaller 2.5 yr olds but only once in dec secondary rut i had a big boy come into it. ive usually watched them pay no attention or minamal...
  15. Lucky

    Hello to all good luck to all

    New to this site. Seems like a dam good site. Hope to post a pic of a 2017 good buck. And enjoy seeing everyone else's pics. Good luck be safe and enjoy the rut