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    Kenny Rogers

    Rest Ìn Peace
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    Take a look
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    Firearm long term storage

    Any tips, techniques, or products you use for long term firearm storage? Thanks.
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    I know this

    I can't see I can't pee I can't chew I can't screw My body is droop n Have n trouble poop n My golden years have come at last My golden years can kiss my ass
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    FOR SALE Civil war firearms

    Springfield 1871 rolling block 50-70 Remington conversion. Springfield 1866 Allin 2nd conversion trap door 50-70. Both in very good condition - gunsmith inspected - shootable - very tight actions. $1000 each - will try to get some photos posted.
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    Civil war firearms

    Springfield 1871 rolling block 50-70 - Remington conversion. Springfield 1866 Allin 2nd conversion 50-70. Both in very good condition - gunsmith inspected and shootable - actions very tight. $1000 each - will try and get some photos posted
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    Prayers nèededm

    My wife Joan is in surgery this morning concerning a lumpectomy she had 6 years.
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    Prayers needed

    My son Jayson was admitted to the hospital last night with severe stomach pain. Cat scan show upper bowel inflamation - still in hospital wait'n on gastro doc
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    FOR SALE Day 6 Dream bike

    Fore sale - Day 6 Dream bike - 2 years old - like new - paid $900 - will consider any offer around $400 This bike has less then 20 miles on it - i bought it for rehab after my knee joint replacement - that plan didn't work out for me. You can google up Day 6 bikes to see what they are -...
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    Rc aircraft stuff

    Have some older rc aircraft stuff uhm let'n go - radios, engines, airframes, new in box models and other stuff, couple new engines also, - will give a good take all price - vision issues have grounded me - dang
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    Well i am scheduled for a TURP surgery ( ream out the prostate so ya can pee better) on the 11th. I am also having terrible sleep issues, get' n about 3 hrs a night and having a hard time get'n thru the day. Started seeing a sleep specialist for that. If i am not on here a lot its because uhm...
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    Need prayers

    Wife is going to have a heart cath ablation for a-fib tmorrow at the cleveland clinic - send a prayèr her way if ya can. thanks geezer
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    FOR SALE Savage 220f

    Savage 220 f - .20ga w/nikon bdc scope - very accurate - excellent condition $500 - Henrt .22 pump w/leupold 2x7 scope - excellent condition $450
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    Savage .20ga 220f slug gun

    For sale - savage 220f w nikon bdc scope for sale - excellent condition $500 - will consider reasonable offers Henry .22 pump w/leupold 2x7 scope $450 SOLD Will consider reasonable offers
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    Where all you fugars b

    Where u B ?
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    Home ac

    What brand home ac dou you have? How old is it and what problems have you had if any?
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    Holy ebola

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    Something about Nothing

    Brock never fired that M1A i sold him a couple years ago - dang