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  1. Crappieking15

    Not to bring it up again but here is some information I found

    Not trying to start any more fights or arguments but I’m not the only one or the only crazy on that has seen, heard or whiteness this.
  2. Crappieking15

    Air fryer

    Anyone have one of these? My wife has been on me about getting one but I just dont no. We don’t fry food much like once a month but I have to say I love me some fried chicken wings and fries..
  3. Crappieking15

    What you do for work

    As much as I hate talking about work outside work this topic always sparks my interest... what do you do for for and your feelings about overtime.. Myself I’m a union iron worker and work alooottt of over time in the summer.. i like over time when I want it but sometimes it seems like it never...