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  1. Iowa_Buckeye

    Shea's trapping adventures

    Shea has been BEGGING to go set some traps for the past few weeks. Well, her birthday is Sunday, so why not. We'll set for coons mainly. Last weekend I drove the quad around one of our corn food plots and there are lots of nice coon trails coming into it from the timber. We'll set them with...
  2. Iowa_Buckeye

    Cool encounter

    I had a cool encounter yesterday afternoon. I've been bow hunting for over 30 years and have never witnessed a buck breed a doe. Well that changed yesterday when these two love birds showed up. They were in front of me for about 10 minutes. It was something to see! Here are a few of the...
  3. Iowa_Buckeye

    Iowa_Buckeye's 2019 pics

    My buddy put a couple feeders out to see what we have in stock this year. So far, so good!
  4. Iowa_Buckeye

    What kind of bird is this?

    It is either hurt or nesting in the rocks/direct sun here at work. Closest thing I could google was a Whippoorwill, but I don’t think that is what it is. Can walk right up to it.
  5. Iowa_Buckeye

    Displaying sheds

    I saw this on another site so set this up quick today. I need to spend some time arranging them better so I can fit more on it but don’t think it looks too bad overall.
  6. Iowa_Buckeye

    Rack Hub

    We ran down to the Iowa Deer Classic this past Friday. While there we came across the ‘Rack Hub’ booth. They are out of Indiana and were fun to chat with. I ended up picking up 2 matched set displays. I put the 2 prior years sheds from my 2015 buck on them. Easy to set up and adjust, and I...
  7. Iowa_Buckeye

    Expensive trip to the taxi today

    Today I went to my taxidermist's shop to pick up my muzzle-loader buck from January 2017, my daughters youth buck from this year, and my archery buck from this year. Shea was excited to get her antlers back and her request is to hang them above her dresser. Her room looks a bit different...
  8. Iowa_Buckeye

    2 kicks to the nuts

    I took last Friday off to fill my doe tags. While in the tree I got a text a big one was dead on the interstate just east of the farm. I eventually made my way over there to see which one it might be. It ended up being a deer we have no history with, so he must have lived across the highway...
  9. Iowa_Buckeye

    Image recovery software

    Does anyone know of any good freeware for recovering deleted images from a SD card? I deleted a trail cam card and now want to go back and recover the pics. And want to avoid downloading any old virus infected crap off the web! Thanks.
  10. Iowa_Buckeye

    Recovery videos

    This thread is meant for posting recovery videos. I know most folks are more concerned with trying to get the kill shot on video, but I think recovery videos are just as much fun to remember as you can re-live the walk up and re-experience the emotion. They are a bit easier to capture also...
  11. Iowa_Buckeye

    Bird ID

    So what this heck is this? A hawk or falcon of some kind I assume.... It hangs out in the neighborhood and I was able to get a pic out the kitchen window yesterday.
  12. Iowa_Buckeye

    Iowa_Buckeye's 2018 pics

    We have some feeders out to concentrate deer for pics. Here are a few from the first pull of the year. Now the game begins of trying to figure out where they are from last year.
  13. Iowa_Buckeye

    2016 bow buck is back

    Picked him up from the taxi yesterday and got him on the wall. Also included a few pics from the day I shot him. I like to get a few AHF ('as he fell') pics to remind me of when I walked up on them.
  14. Iowa_Buckeye

    Iowa_Buckeyes 2018 sheds

    I don't typically find a whole bunch of sheds, but Shea has been asking me to go this year and we have had some luck. So I figured I would share. Our first outing was last Saturday. We found an old skull, then a bit later I spotted a pretty good one off in the brush. I wanted her to 'find'...
  15. Iowa_Buckeye

    Kitchen knives

    We are badly in need of a new kitchen knife set. I'm willing to invest in a nice set that will serve us for years. Any suggestions on what you have been happy (or unhappy) with? Stamped/forged? Pros/cons? Thanks!
  16. Iowa_Buckeye

    IB's trapping thread

    Joe's thread has gotten me motivated to get out and trap worthless coon a bit too. Damn that fugger! I plan to leave work a few hours early tomorrow and set a few at the farm. I can't get too crazy with it as my buddies are still trying to fill their tags and don't want me setting in certain...
  17. Iowa_Buckeye

    One of the crappy things about trail cams......

    .....is sometimes they tell a story you would rather not know. Like this sequence from this morning. I was hunting about 150 yards into the timber down this trail. The buck that crosses at 8:06 is one we call The Angry 8. He has looked exactly the same the past 3 years and just needs killed...
  18. Iowa_Buckeye

    iHeartRadio station for Ohio State Penn State game?

    Will be in the car for part of the first half of the game today. Anyone know a station available on iHeart that will have it? Goggle hasn't been TOO helpful...
  19. Iowa_Buckeye

    Trailer tongue weight

    So how much weight can you put directly down on a hitch, minus a trailer? We are getting ready for our moose hunt and I borrowed this 400qt grizzly from a buddy. He has a nice sturdy bumper rack to put it on, and would guess it all weighs 225/250 as it sits empty. Just how much meat do we dare...
  20. Iowa_Buckeye

    Paper wasps/hornets

    So we stumbled across this today. Not sure how we have missed it all summer as this tower is right off one of our main trials at the front of the farm..... I was planning on hunting here with he kids in a couple weeks for youth season. Anybody got any bright ideas on how to get rid of them...