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  1. Crappieking15

    Night time saugeyes

    Are y’all catching these at alum...spillway??
  2. Crappieking15

    What's For Dinner?

    air fryer is nice but not beneficial for my family of seven
  3. Crappieking15

    4 fitty 4 sale

    450 s will go down in price more because the 350 is getting more popularity it’s just like cars they mass produce so when they don’t sell they lower and lower the price
  4. Crappieking15

    4 fitty 4 sale

    Is this the same just different color?? Not trying to be a pain in the ass
  5. Crappieking15

    4 fitty 4 sale

    Just have to shop around man... and not just buy this stuff as soon as it comes out I can get somethings at manufacturers cost... I stay away from Cabela’s and bass pro stores like that because there gun prices are jacked
  6. Crappieking15

    4 fitty 4 sale

    Little high gun worth 369 scope 200
  7. Crappieking15

    Noble county 2019

    Yet 98% of these post has ur name in them 😂😂😂
  8. Crappieking15

    Mathews switchback

    Nothing like giving it away wow great price
  9. Crappieking15

    BassCast Podcast

    What’s a pod cast
  10. Crappieking15

    Live from Louisiana

    What do you go to the store for!!😂😂😂😂
  11. Crappieking15

    What's For Dinner?

    Soak it in salt water for a day slice thin pit on grill with salt and pepper or lemon pepper can’t go wrong amazing piece of meat
  12. Crappieking15

    House building

    Are you building this your self or a company... I’m sure U have mentioned it I have been in and out sorry looking great.. mines goin to be the same layout but with cedar siding
  13. Crappieking15

    Conor Mcgregor

    What professionalism is in ufc other than no nut shots and a ref stops u before u kill the other person... other than bare knuckle boxing ufc is top shelf... hats off to these guys for fighting and taking a beating for the length of time they do... if you have ever been in a fight you find out...
  14. Crappieking15

    New half sleeve

    That’s what’s called liquid muscle and internet balls
  15. Crappieking15

    Veterans of TOO.COM

  16. Crappieking15

    What's For Dinner?

    Not fresh but still good boiled crawfish corn onion red potatoes and garlic with some slap yo momma spices.. kids and I went through 6 pounds none left over for the wife 😂😂
  17. Crappieking15

    Not to bring it up again but here is some information I found

    Not trying to start any more fights or arguments but I’m not the only one or the only crazy on that has seen, heard or whiteness this.
  18. Crappieking15

    Mountain Lion sighting

    maybe u should check ur self bud since U want to see all these animal balls