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  1. Chass


    One of my members finally made it to the tree farm to hunt and he had this on his camera. He chases bears quite a bit and seems quite knowledgeable on them. He believes it to be about a 2 year old bear and 150 pounds or so. I have no idea myself. Laying in like 250 pounds of corn he dumped. I'm...
  2. Chass


    https://www.athensnews.com/news/local/sheriff-s-raid-near-albany-results-in-big-haul-of/article_6c9a213a-151a-11ea-a153-9f6c01bbfbf7.html Hell yeah!
  3. Chass

    Sold - Elite Impulse 31

    My father is wanting to get rid of his compound. He loves it but it's time for him to switch to a crossbow. This thing hasn't had 100 arrows thrown and extremely well taken care of. Might have been in the woods 5 times. Bow is located in Greenwich, Huron county. $800 for everything listed and...
  4. Chass

    Spring/summer pics

    Handful of pics. Dates are all wrong. Turkeys are from beginning Turkey season. Deer pics from the last two days. Peacock is from this weekend, I'm surprised hes still alive he shows up in the spring/summer. Travels all over this area which is about 2 square miles of vacant land and just does...
  5. Chass

    Midnight cruisers

    Couple nice ones coming thru the scrape tree/line at night. Week or so and maybe they will come out during the daylight a few times.
  6. Chass

    ODNR/DOW Merger

    Has anyone heard about this? I seen some stuff posted on social media about it but I can't find much posted about it on the web. What gives, anyone?
  7. Chass

    WGI 360 Camera Review

    My father handed over a camera he got on sale last year and hasn't used it yet. This camera seems pretty neat since it should be able to take pictures in a complete 360 degree field. It has a 360 degree sensor and wherever it senses movement the camera spin on a spindle inside the unit to snap...