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  1. OHIOOutdoors2

    It’s done

    Looks great
  2. OHIOOutdoors2

    OO2 Trapping

    Just like that it’s all over. Pretty lackluster season for coyote trapping, probably should have ran more snares than footholds given the wet weather. Had fun though and learned a lot this season!
  3. OHIOOutdoors2

    Random weather thread

    All this rain should make it easier to pull earth anchors tomorrow!
  4. OHIOOutdoors2

    Live PD

    Has to be Hulu live though
  5. OHIOOutdoors2

    Live PD

  6. OHIOOutdoors2

    Tow rig/daily driver

    Should have bought a Toyota
  7. OHIOOutdoors2

    OO2 Trapping

    I had quite the treat this morning. Caught in a snare set yesterday.
  8. OHIOOutdoors2

    Bow Holder

    I’m curious what people are using to hold their bow if they are hunting on public land and/ or conservation land where a standard bow holder that screws into the tree cannot be used?
  9. OHIOOutdoors2

    OO2 Trapping

    Sounds like tomorrow morning will be the end of the line then
  10. OHIOOutdoors2

    OO2 Trapping

    All this wet weather has made it tough for the footholds. Finally starting to dry out. Had a close call today on what I think was a coyote. Hopefully it’ll be back soon
  11. OHIOOutdoors2

    Night time saugeyes

    Will twister tails get it done? Don’t think I have any hard plastic jerk baits.
  12. OHIOOutdoors2

    How far is too far?

    My chosen limit is 15 yards. Hoping to bump that to 20 by next season
  13. OHIOOutdoors2

    2020 muzzleloader season

    Had my first visitor. Wish I could say I meant to have the camera in greyscale but I’m running auto w/o flash. Got a long way to go
  14. OHIOOutdoors2

    2020 muzzleloader season

    I’m out with a camera...does that count for anything?
  15. OHIOOutdoors2

    Anyone going to jump in now that the season is all but over????

    Is it too late to bail off the train? In all seriousness... Have fun and get ready to practice a lot. It makes for some very fun hunts. Got to learn to be patient and wait for YOUR shot and know YOUR limit. I look forward to following along
  16. OHIOOutdoors2

    Night time saugeyes

    Nice! May have to give alum spillway a shot before I head back to school. Never had much luck there but it’s always been busy
  17. OHIOOutdoors2

    Double the Know Power!

    Congrats to the hunters!