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  1. OHIOOutdoors2

    Bow Holder

    I’m curious what people are using to hold their bow if they are hunting on public land and/ or conservation land where a standard bow holder that screws into the tree cannot be used?
  2. OHIOOutdoors2

    OO2 Trapping

    Starting to get geared up to set some traps out at start of next week. Looks like there is plenty of muskrats, mink, raccoon and coyotes to keep me busy over break. Trying to catch my first coyote with a foothold this season. As well as using HAGz brackets for muskrat traps. I even have some...
  3. OHIOOutdoors2

    PA Public Land

    Finals ended this year with enough time for me to catch the tail end of PA’s rifle season (3 days). Is it worth the costs of $102 tag? Looking at public land in game units 1a and 2a.
  4. OHIOOutdoors2

    Mossberg .450 Bushmaster

    Has anyone had any experience using the mossberg patriot .450?
  5. OHIOOutdoors2

    Bats and Bat Poop

    Anyone have any remedies for getting bats to move locations in barn? They are roosting or whatever they do and pooping all over everything in barn. There’s plenty of other spots in barn for them to go. Any ideas to get them to vacate this certain area? TIA
  6. OHIOOutdoors2

    FOR SALE Carbon Express Heritage 150’s

    I have 13 heritage 150’s that are fletched and ready to go. Also, I have a bare shaft one that will be sold as well with the lot. Asking $100.00 Feel free to make offer.
  7. OHIOOutdoors2

    Tanning service

    I have a coyote pelt sitting in the freezer that I never sold from trapping season. Curious if anyone has a service they would recommend around the central Ohio area? Pelt would need fleshed still.
  8. OHIOOutdoors2

    Free bow holder

    This bow holder came off of a millennium stand. Should work for any stand though. For what I am doing I have no use for the holder. Could use some new bolts or anti-seize on current ones but other than than it should be good to go. Figured I’d check here before I tossed it.
  9. OHIOOutdoors2

    Bovine Tuberculosis

    Saw an article about this being present in Michigan deer. Anyone familiar with this disease? Edumacate please.
  10. OHIOOutdoors2

    Meat Eater

    More “meat eater” episodes have been loaded onto Netflix for those that have it.
  11. OHIOOutdoors2

    OO2 Adventure

    I figured I’d make a thread on my adventures so I can learn from my experiences and hopefully it’ll help someone else out.
  12. OHIOOutdoors2

    Hunting Whitetails in Corn

    Link: Watched this video on YouTube and found it to be pretty interesting. Not sure if it’d be possible nowadays with how close the rows are planted together but still pretty neat.
  13. OHIOOutdoors2

    Leather Plaque Mount

    Figured I’d try my hand at “restoring” and mounting this old set of antlers that were passed down to me. They have become white from the sun so I decided I’d stain them and try to do a leather wrap around skull plate. We will see how it goes. Currently waiting for it to dry and set so I can...
  14. OHIOOutdoors2

    The Hunting Public

    Not sure if anyone here follows their YouTube channel but they were with Midwest Whitetail now they have their own channel on YouTube hunting public land with some pretty cool and informative content. Anyway, they are here in SE Ohio hunting turkeys and are hosting a meet up at Jackie O’s Pub...
  15. OHIOOutdoors2

    OO2 Trapping Adventure

    Finally got some snares set yesterday. A lot later than I had hoped but they are finally open. This is what awaited me in this morning. 1 male and 1 female. The male made the female look tiny.
  16. OHIOOutdoors2

    Buckeye Lake Duck Hunting

    Anyone do any waterfowl Hunting at buckeye lake besides the lottery blinds? Would it be worth giving it a shot?
  17. OHIOOutdoors2

    SE Ohio Butcher

    Figured I’d get my cards lined up just Incase I kill one done here in Athens. You guys that hunt down here, what butcher would you recommend around Athens? Thanks
  18. OHIOOutdoors2

    Need some help

    I received what looks to be an older Xbow. It has STEELFORCE on the side and said it's made by Horton Manf. in the USA. Anyone know anything about these bows?
  19. OHIOOutdoors2

    Hub Style Ground Blind Repair

    Some of you may recall that earlier in the summer my ground blind got caught by the flood we had. Amazingly only the top hub fiberglass section was destroyed, along with a few rips. Today I thought up an idea to fix it. Luckily enough the insert that goes into the hub still had about 1.5" of...
  20. OHIOOutdoors2

    Silencing Milleniun Bracket

    Was curious if anyone here has found anything that works good for them to help quiet the male/female ends of the milleniun mounting system when you hang the stand up. I have a few ladders and brackets hung but don't want to be super loud when I mount my M50 to the bracket after carrying it in...