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Recent content by triple_duece

  1. triple_duece

    Doggone good dog thread

    Must’ve been before all the Chinese and Mexican restaurants came along.
  2. triple_duece

    TOO Homesteading

    Well I feel like I hit the lottery. A coworker also works at Walmart and I asked him to get me ball jars. Today, 2 weeks later he calls me and says they have the size you want. Told him to put them in a cart and walk around w them so they wouldn’t get picked up. So, I went right there and bought...
  3. triple_duece

    Tow rig/daily driver

    That sucks. Great design and piss poor application. I keep mine in. Keeps people from hitting your rear.
  4. triple_duece

    Tow rig/daily driver

    Does it have the drop down tailgate? If so don’t put a ball on and lower it. Congrats
  5. triple_duece

    Well Boys.

    Bunch of pussies. [emoji1787]
  6. triple_duece

    Big Holla Family’s Season - Covid Style

    Congrats on the 23 years. Seems to run in short order these days.
  7. triple_duece

    Hortontoter Goes Hunting 2020

    Time to stain the paint with fall colors of bright red liquid. Good luck this season.
  8. triple_duece


    Congrats. My best hunts or more successful hunts are first sits. If you know they like to pass in a spot no since on dropping scents. Just go and enjoy the hunt.
  9. triple_duece

    Doggone good dog thread

    Best to take her to the vet to make sure all came out. And do all the new owners a favor and have the dew claws removed. Congrats.
  10. triple_duece

    Live from Louisiana

    If I get the chance, we will be eating elk steaks!
  11. triple_duece

    My phone rang

    Outstanding, big congrats.
  12. triple_duece

    Fletch's Quest For A 600+ lb Jersey Bear...

    I just finished reading your thread and a buddy sent me that pic. They like picking on me cause I have a bear problem (no tags given). Figured I’d pick on you.
  13. triple_duece

    Fletch's Quest For A 600+ lb Jersey Bear...

    Try apples....just saying
  14. triple_duece

    Fletch's Quest For A 600+ lb Jersey Bear...

    Hope you kill a giant. I will be watching your thread.
  15. triple_duece

    Doggone good dog thread

    Pearl couldn’t hunt today but she didn’t miss the photo opportunity.