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Recent content by Smawgunner2

  1. Smawgunner2


    A good one!
  2. Smawgunner2

    Veterans of TOO.COM

    Post up your active duty pics. I was in before cell phones so I don't have many. My MOS was 2531 Field radio operator 2534 Comm Center Operator 0351 Smawgunner 85-89 90-91 no combat action 2nd FSSG 2nd LSB LeJuene 3rd MarDiv HQ Battalion Okinawa 3rd Battalion 25th Marines Lima Company Columbus...
  3. Smawgunner2

    What's in your cup?

    Spicy Captain Morgan's Rum and Diet Coke. Got this Yeti as a gift....maiden voyage with it.
  4. Smawgunner2

    Appalachia Party

    Me and some buddies were going to Tennessee to go caving with 3 car loads of friends. Well we're driving up this twisted road and came upon a tuck that went off the road and a tow truck was pulling it out. We all stopped and got out of the car to kill time until the road was clrear. I was in...
  5. Smawgunner2

    TikTok Vids.

    What in the wide wide world of sports?! https://vm.tiktok.com/TTPdr7pg4K/
  6. Smawgunner2

    2019-nCoV (Coronavirus)

    Hell…my mom fell BEFORE the pandemic and had to have stitches and checked for a concussion….was in the ER 8 hours. The system is broken by a bunch of fuck ups who treat the ER like their free personal physician cause they can’t pay and won’t be turned away.
  7. Smawgunner2

    jerky guns

    I second the high mountain variety kit. Thumbs up.
  8. Smawgunner2

    jerky guns

    I have a gun and a dehydrator, but I can't seem to produce a good texture from ground venison. The taste is always good, but just never looks right.
  9. Smawgunner2

    Live from the stand 2021/22

    Not there but heading down tomorrow morning. NWS updated the forecast 3 times today....4-8, then 5-8, now 6-9.
  10. Smawgunner2

    Gut pile cam

    Take that dog to the pound. They’ll have to pay to pick it up I think.
  11. Smawgunner2

    Live from the stand 2021/22

    Way to stick it out Kevin! Payed off!
  12. Smawgunner2

    And F#CK Nextdoor too

    It’s an app that folks in your neighborhood or immediate area join to share things like crime, street conditions, restaurant reviews etc. Obviously run by a bunch of fucking liberals.
  13. Smawgunner2

    And F#CK Nextdoor too

    One one hand I'm pissed. On the other its laughable. The thing is, I don't recall posting ANYTHING on COVID. I'm freaked vaxed and boosted. I don't agree with mandates or masks, but I never posted Jack shit that would get me booted. I HAVE posted lots of shit about this President, 2nd amendment...
  14. Smawgunner2

    2019-nCoV (Coronavirus)

    Have questions about the Corona Virus? More reliable than the government.
  15. Smawgunner2

    Live from the stand 2021/22

    It is a grind. I was out most of the day yesterday and Saturday when temps were single digits. Didn’t see one damn deer. This has been the worst season for me personally when I’ve put more time and effort than before. I built a 350 legend …not one deer seen. And I’ve never shot a deer with a...