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Recent content by OhioWhiteTails

  1. OhioWhiteTails

    iPhone settlement for slow down

  2. OhioWhiteTails

    2020 Summer Gathering Food and Attendance Thread

    I can do fish again if there's room on the menu. I'll be down Friday Am.
  3. OhioWhiteTails

    Hicks Lawn Services truck racing

    Feel good to be back in the seat, Phil?
  4. OhioWhiteTails

    Macular degenerationa

    Yikes! Glad you're feeling better.
  5. OhioWhiteTails

    Random weather thread

    We got a couple soakers today, finally.
  6. OhioWhiteTails

    2019-nCoV (Coronavirus)

    I've got it too, it's pussy shit bro (in Gordo's voice).
  7. OhioWhiteTails

    Hand Spreaders

    I bought a battery operated one from Lowes with a gift card I got a few years back. Cheap and does the job. No issues yet and still running the original batteries.
  8. OhioWhiteTails

    What's good TOO?

    Congrats Sgt!
  9. OhioWhiteTails

    Which one....part two

    The General, hands down. The A team van would be great for safety briefings though...:cool:
  10. OhioWhiteTails

    Been A While

    Good deal! Great to hear you're doing well, Dick.
  11. OhioWhiteTails

    Charlie Daniels

    RIP Charlie.
  12. OhioWhiteTails

    What's in your cup?

    Water and more water...
  13. OhioWhiteTails

    Your opinion is appreciated: Vortex Diamondback Tactical

    I don't have that exact scope either, but I doubt you'd be disappointed for the reasons mentioned.
  14. OhioWhiteTails

    Lost my Hunting Buddy

    Still thinking about ya, Jon.
  15. OhioWhiteTails

    Mornin' geezer!