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Recent content by Jamie

  1. Jamie

    Covid vaccinations

  2. Jamie

    Happy mothers day

    Prime rib, steak house au gratin potatoes, grilled asparagus. Brooklyn blackout cake for desert. and lots of drinks so I can deal with my Mother and Mother-in-Law for the entire afternoon. :rolleyes:
  3. Jamie

    Zero Turn Mower

    they make them.
  4. Jamie

    Life in the ‘70’s and ‘80’s

    yikes. what were they thinking wearing that stuff? was everyone high on LSD in the 60's and 70's, lol?
  5. Jamie


    I totally get why they don't stock parts. it's a lose-lose for local shops. I can get unusual parts as fast as they can, and without the mark up. that's just the reality of the marketplace today, and it is a real benefit to the DIY customer. still, I bought two Kohler tune up kits, which are...
  6. Jamie


    all new OEM parts. If i cannot walk into local shop and get what I need, I'll order here every time. they sell OEM parts for 150 brands according to website.
  7. Jamie


    wanted to give a tip of the hat to PartsTree.com. twice in the last two years I've had to get different pulleys, hardware, bearings and belts for my mower deck and last year I had to do some searching for a place to get them. I happened upon PartsTree, and found their site very easy to navigate...
  8. Jamie

    It ended today

    congrats for real, J. I'm thinking I might hang up my brush at 55 if things go well for the next couple of years. Since I've never had to go to work for somebody else, I'll probably never fully "retire", just do a little paint work when I feel like it for funding hunting affairs, taking care of...
  9. Jamie

    2021 Sheds

    I went to my other deer hunting spot to look for pheasant backs and oyster mushrooms today. There are an abundance of morels there, but I am forbidden from picking them. I saw enough nice yellows to fill a large skillet, but kept my promise not to poach them. I did find a boatload of pheasant...
  10. Jamie

    Covid vaccinations

    I'm not worried about dying from Covid or cancer or heart disease any more. I'm surely going to die of non-compliance before father time can get me.
  11. Jamie

    Happy Birthday J

    happy birthday young man!
  12. Jamie

    Covid vaccinations

    they cannot give these vaccines away now. won't be long before they start paying people to get vaccinated. fuck Cuomo and all of his ilk. these people are worse than Stalin and Hitler for the temerity with which they try to force there agenda on us.
  13. Jamie

    chew, snuff, chaw, dip, etc

    good job everyone. ya bucncha quitters. :LOL:
  14. Jamie

    Covid vaccinations

    as a business that gets inspected by the health dept., you'd be foolish to not abide by their rules, useless though they may be. I'm guessing that the minute their rules don't mandate employees wearing masks that you will stop wearing them?
  15. Jamie

    Pathfinder basic survival class

    Dave used to come to OSTA shoots back when I was an officer. he let me shoot one of his bows once. I just had to know how a survival bow shoots, lol. he set up as a vendor a few times until he got pissy with me about having to compete with the other vendors. I told him how it was, that we...