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Recent content by Chass

  1. Chass

    2020-2021 Proposed White-Tailed Deer Bag Limits

    Jackson, but I live on top the rocks. It seems your rock isnt well lit though, cause you're reading a different post, your reply has nothing to do with what I said and I believe I also mentioned it doesnt affect me and I'd be fine with the reduction across the board. The telecheck cheating is...
  2. Chass

    J’s new neighbor

  3. Chass

    2019-nCoV (Coronavirus)

    Then you see your American made company getting raided by ICE. Made in America*
  4. Chass

    2020-2021 Proposed White-Tailed Deer Bag Limits

    Weird that the southern counties that were a 3 deer are now 2 when we probably have the most deer in the state and I'd also venture to guess has the lowest hunters per square mile density in the state as well since we have the larger tracts of land. Doesnt really bother me since I only take two...
  5. Chass

    2020 sheds

    Dont just keep calling the same person. If they're not wanting to do their job start ringing up the tree and start asking what your tag/license fees are paying for if you cant get ahold of an officer. Being a public agency everyone's phone number all the way up to Director Mertz is publicly...
  6. Chass

    Same Deer??? Opinions...

    I say no. First, 2nd buck is a short g2 buck compared to g3s. That tends to be there year after year. Then theres the other points hes lost and he doesnt look to be on the decline.
  7. Chass

    Keep Ohio’s coyote season open

    From what I read it was the farm bureau or whatever that made it happen.
  8. Chass

    Pup calls in February?

    Breeding right now so yeah its early for that to be natural. But guys also use distress sounds of animals that arent in Ohio and kill em all the time with them. Whatever works, they're curious!
  9. Chass

    Truck tires

    I wasnt too impressed with my hankook atms I ran for a few years. My dad also had them and he absolutely hated em. Seemed pretty pricey for what you got.
  10. Chass

    Way To Represent Ohio University!

    Let's try this. If I go to mcdonalds and pick out fat people ordering big mac's, put a microphone in their face and ask them if they understand that that is making them obese and they will most likely die early from it, they get pissed and follow me out to my vehicle. I start recording them...
  11. Chass

    Way To Represent Ohio University!

    That's nothing at all. Like going up to minorities and ask race baiting questions or the one that will hit home to everyone here would be walking up to your extremely young child on the street and asking them very inappropriate disrespectful adult questions that they will then have a lot of...
  12. Chass

    Way To Represent Ohio University!

    I will state she does bait those reactions hard which is why I dont care for her. If i went up as a man to those that she slams a microphone in their face and asks the baited questions she asks, I'd expect to get punched in the mouth by anyone with a set myself and wouldn't really fault them for...
  13. Chass

    Truck tires

    I know a lot of guys running mastercrafts and like em. General grabbers are also fairly common and I believe low cost
  14. Chass

    Truck tires

    Wayyyyy expensive. I got a set of Toyos a few years ago 33", I believe they were over $400 per.
  15. Chass

    Way To Represent Ohio University!

    I was there within the last 10 years and never seen any of it but shits been changing fast. I'm sure it's still easy enough to avoid if you stick to partying hahaha