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Recent content by Buckmaster

  1. Buckmaster

    BB/Pellet Gun's

    Same here. I got it at Xmas when I was 5. It lasted until a garage sale in the late 80’s. Wish I still had it now.
  2. Buckmaster

    TOO Projects Thread

    I picked up two 283s and a 454 at auction today and a bunch of tools and equipment . Future projects.
  3. Buckmaster

    What's in your cup?

    Perhaps I should ponder switching to a pink razor too. I need a better softer side.
  4. Buckmaster

    Maddie Bell

    I wish I could help. I’ll pray.
  5. Buckmaster

    TOO Homesteading

    Either works...doesn’t matter.
  6. Buckmaster

    TOO Homesteading

    I still have some 2017 Concord Grape Jelly that was created from my front yard. Still taste great! It will become rib bbq sauce later this year.
  7. Buckmaster

    TOO Homesteading

    Strawberry at Aldi’s Currently $1.19/# in my neighborhood. I’m making wine.
  8. Buckmaster

    TOO Garden Thread

    I got my one inch today. Keep it on your side Adam.
  9. Buckmaster

    Mossberg 500

    And you actually have it the next morning.
  10. Buckmaster

    What are these bugs?

    I think they’re actually attracted to vinegar based products. Beer/wine is not too far off so that’s why they have a fondness for some David Giles. They wish to mate with you bud.
  11. Buckmaster

    What are these bugs?

    They just arrived in Portage Co. I haven’t seen them since the early 80’s. My family named them Joe Bugs. My parents friends Joe and Marti came over to have an outside cookout. We got infested with those things. Seems they were attracted to Italian salad dressing as they flocked to our...
  12. Buckmaster

    What's For Dinner?

    Split chicken, country ribs, and potatoes on the grill. Spray a little oil on everything and nothing burns.
  13. Buckmaster

    TOO Garden Thread

    Got all 5 raised beds planted this morning. Just waiting for today’s rain now. I’ll tackle the big garden in the evenings this week.
  14. Buckmaster

    Deer permits

    Controlled hunt apply by July.
  15. Buckmaster

    What are these bugs?

    Those are Beer Snapers.