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Recent content by bigten05

  1. bigten05

    Live from the stand 2021/22

    Spencie I'm not against shooting that bully buck if you don't wanna use your tag lol.
  2. bigten05

    Live from the stand 2021/22

    Had a good hunt tonight could have shot 10 or 12 different deer passed a few small bucks And seen about 800 inches of antler. I have them figured out ,now I got to knock on some doors to be able to cut them off or hope they cut up the hill 200 yards.
  3. bigten05


  4. bigten05

    Live from the stand 2021/22

    Chased some geese today, will pick back up on deer tomorrow evening.
  5. bigten05

    Live from the stand 2021/22

    Had 4 come by then at last light had another group come behind me. Getting real close to filling this tag and letting these bucks get bigger for next year.
  6. bigten05

    Live from the stand 2021/22

    Headed out soon. Red moon and cold Temps this weekend could make for some good hunts.
  7. bigten05

    Great Lucky Buck Price Alert...

    Our rural king is out of stock.
  8. bigten05

    Live from the stand 2021/22

    Spencie I'm gonna need that title for worst hunter. 145 inch deer at 25 yards and I couldn't get him shot. Never heard him come in and I was watching 3 does come in behind me. Havent had a deer come in behind me all year like that,I was leaning around the tree letting them pass by at about 10...
  9. bigten05

    Live from the stand 2021/22

    Seen 1 doe last night where I seen 15 Tuesday. Somthing ain't right. I'll be back out tonight before the snow gets here.
  10. bigten05

    Live from the stand 2021/22

    I'm out wind blowing thru the woods haven't hunted him with this wind yet maybe it will work if he doesn't cross my scent but I'm smoked up with evercalm all around me.
  11. bigten05

    Covid bucks

    I had it early December, went out a fee times that week until I got real light headed in the stand one evening. Then I took a couple days off to actually relax. I should of been out tonight, the buck I passed during muzzy season was there again with the one I've been hunting. Plenty off time to...
  12. bigten05

    Show us your wood (pile)

    Man that's alot of work loading it with a cap on. I just finished building a soft sided shed to store firewood in I'm tired of messing with a tarp when it's froze or snow covered.
  13. bigten05

    Hunting creature comforts

    These are what I have, can use them to charge your phone also. You are right I grabbed one in my pocket the other night and thought I melted my finger prints off.
  14. bigten05

    Worst deer hunting states ?

    If they were going off of my personal season ohio would be number one and kentucky number 2.🤦
  15. bigten05

    How long will a deer last

    should be fine as long as you get it washed out good when you get it home, there will be a little smell and might loose the loins, as long as it isnt turning green id say your good.