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Keep Ohio’s coyote season open
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In an effort to bring this to the forefront and not buried in a thread please sign the below petition to keep a the Ohio coyote season open and not require the purchase of a further permit.

It was recently sent to the Ohio wildlife counsel as a proposed regulation change to run the coyote...
DIY poison ivy relief
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For years I’ve told people about jewel weed for treating poison ivy and other skin irritants. This year while hiking I got the kids into some stinging needles and it worked on that too. Bee stings and just about anything I’ve tried it on, works.

It’s generally all around if you know what to...
‘Pulled the Trigger’
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I recently upgraded my 2017 regular sporting barrel $229.00 ‘Savage Arms' Axis XL Bolt/Short Action WIN .308 Rifle. My rifle build...

I created this thread specifically to share my experience for anyone who may also consider much the same in the future. Considering all the different...
Baiting Mature Bucks.
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I'll begin by saying I don't believe anyone can have this down to a science. This is after all an animal that possesses a sense of self-preservation honed over hundreds of thousands of years. No matter how finely tuned that sense is however, it can always be exploited. I've managed to...

Ohio Deer Season Countdown

September 28 2019
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