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Welcome Wildlife


Junior Member
Thanks guys. I just started my profile last night, but didn't finish it yet. I'll try to get it taken care of sometime today or tomorrow. I really appreciate the invite and I’m looking forward in corresponding and/or conversing with all of you. I hope to make some good friends along the way and I’m always looking out for those that provide accurate informative information that will help me become a better all around hunter. I’m originally from Upstate N.Y., but I have lived in Ohio since 1989. I’m outdoorsman all the way and I have been all of my life. I prefer to be outdoors over indoors for sure. I met my wife back in 91 in Chillicothe and we have two teenage boys that are getting into archery. I’m so excited for them, starting their archery career and all. I have two Field Champion 15” Hunting Beagles that I love to work. I’m big into fishing and I’m really looking forward to the new season. Other than that, I thank you again for turning me on to
“THE OHIO OUTDOORS”! :smiley_clap:




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Super Mod
Glad to have you on the forum Wildlife.

I think you will like it here. feel free to ask questions or jump on in to a thread and add some input.
I think you'll fit it real well here! Welcome to TOO.

Where were you from in Western NY? I grew up outside of Rochester and have a ton of extended family in Oswego.