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Welcome JMMyers!

Comon buddy, don't just lurk! Jim's a friend of mine from up here in the northeast. Newbie to the hunting game, we gonna try to learn him a thing or two. Shot his first rabbit with me last year, but it was SuperBunny and managed to get down a hole. Deers and ducks on the menu for us this year.


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I am just cruising around learning. Hopefully I will have some input after this year.
Welcome bud. If you came to learn you came to the right place. We have managed to amass a great group of knowledgeable guys here. Don't be afraid to ask questions and have fun.


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SW Ohio
Welcome to the site. This will be one hell of a campfire bullshitin' session. Great stories from some great guy's. Some nice bucks will be falling to many of the guy's on this site. One of them might be you. Goodluck and welcome aboard.