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Too windy to hunt?

Well maybe for some, but when I get a chance to hunt the weather is not usually a deterent.
I got to go Saturday and Sunday for the first time this season.

Friday looked promising, it was my last day of work after 15 days 9 of which were 12 hrs due to a boiler shutdown.

I took a little walk where I knew bucks usually leave thier mark and as in the past this year was no different.

While on the stand I saw 4 does behind me so I got down early to see if they were going to the field I cross to get to the woods. Did I fail to mention it was windy? I was glad to get out of that tree. lol
As I approached the field I saw 2 deer running across. I worked my way into the edge of the field and along a brush row to watch and see if any more were in sight and which way they may come and go. Funny they change patterns from year to year. I get about half way across the field and see a little fork horn way over on the other side. Saw 4 more farther away in another part of the field.
While I was watching the little fork horn 5 more deer entered the field, I saw where they came in and figured that would be a good place to set up Sunday.
The pics a fuzzy but the deer are there. There was a small 6 pt and a decent 10 pt. The 10 pt saw me standing there and turned and ran towards me, guess he wanted a closer look. When he stopped he just stood there and looked and after a short stare down he turned and rejoined the rest of the herd.



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NW Ohio
Nice write up Tuffshot! Felt like I was there. Thanks for sharing. Hope to have my own windy hunting story tomorrow night. Last 3 nights with Momma working left me with no chance to hunt, but plenty of firewood split and stacked.
Sunday even though still windy I went back hunting. I found where they were crossing the fence to ge into the field. I set up about 20 yards inside the woods. There was a break in the barbed wire, all threee strands were down. About 6:20 here comes 3 does, 2 big ones and a yearling. I passed thingking that a buck may follow. The does went right thru the gap in the fence, so I am sure they have been using this trail often. The bucks were a different story. 3 small bucks walked up the gully a little father away and jumped the fence in the gully. A 4th buck came late for the party from behind me and headed straight for the gully and jumped the fence in the same spot as the other 3. Got to move a little closer to the gully next time.

Another picture of the rub
In 2 days time I have seen 7 bucks and None of them made that rub I'm sure. The eighth buck when I find him I'll call Henery.
There is another rub where I set up today but didn't get a picture of it but I will soon.
The wind has decreased a lot today.
Should be good for an evening hunt.
With the high winds the deer sure seemed to be moving faster than normal. I noticed when it really picked up they would stop and look around more.
But between gusts they would move quickly to the next spot especially when getting closer to the field.


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NW Ohio
Hitting it as soon as I can break loose. Have a plan together to tag team a buck with my buddy. He watched him last night at 80 yds. I am sitting in a stand N of him 100yds (there is a WSW wind in our area). My plan is to smack one of the does he keeps bumping on his way to the stand. If that doesn't happen, my plan is to catch an escape route for the buck if he gets by my buddy. Exciting times to hunt the wind with the expectation of it letting down just before dark and a front moving in!


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while I was hunting Saturday evening a diseased cherry tree split in half and came down hard about 75 yards from me. Made mw a little nervous...I kept scanning the branches above me everytime the wind picked up.


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Great read Tuffy! I elected not to hunt this weekend despite having some great sets for windy conditions. Deer on our farm really tend to lay low when it gets windy. But you just never know!

And Phil is write, that rub is awesome!!!