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SPAM email Policy....


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It's quite common to get junk email from websites these days. Be them advertisements, newsletters, or both disguised as one... I just wanted to take a moment and discuss TOO's policy on your email addresses and correspondence from the site...

The Owners, moderation, or other staff will NEVER send you spam emails. Your Email address is confidential and will never be sold, given, or loaned to any person, business or corporation. The email addresses you provided during registration are used only for registration verification, to recover your password if you lose it, and allow other members to email you through the site without knowing your actual email address... It may also be used if you so choose to send you notifications of new posts on threads you have subscribed to. This is a user option and can be turned off in your control program.

Too will never send you an email requesting you to provide your password, or answer to your secret question. If you receive such an email please notify me immediately.

If at any time in the future TOO decides to do a newsletter, it'll be by user subscription only.. Ask and ye shall receive.. I will not blast out a newsletter and force you to unsubscribe.

Thanks :)
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Tatonka guide.
Pass their names along if you do get an email and we will 5 minute epoxy their butt cheeks together.


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NW Ohio
Milo- I received a spam email from another Ohio site today. Do you think you could epoxy their cheeks together? Of course, not until after you smack em' in the balls with a hammer.