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Reading Gordo's recent story of his and his Dad's successful hunt and seeing the great picture of the two of them together was really enjoyable for me. Made me think I've seen some other stories like that here, and how I always enjoy them, so I thought it might be a good thread idea for guys to put up some pics of their Dads and related hunt stories. (Fishing pictures work too.)

My father was not an avid outdoorsman, (but always supported what I was doing,) so I've got nothing to post.
But I hope you guys who can will share.
Funny you bring this up now, Dan. My Grandfathe is 97. His days look to be very short at this point. I went to visit him the other day. He woke up for a little bit and we looked through some of his old photos. A couple of pictures were of my dad, brother and I skinning our first squirrels shortly after killing them on Grandpa's Vinton County farm. I think I was about 6, my brother about 8. I remember that day like it was yesterday, and recall Grandma taking the pics. Dad looked so young! If I had a copy I'd post it. Funny thing, my brother I were both wearing sheath knives big enough to gut an elephant.


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Columbiana County
I wasn't lucky enough too have a dad who did anything with us kids.... Work was his life. My Grandfather passed away and never took us hunting but did take us fishing some... But unfortunatley we have no pictures too look back on.... I didn't make that mistake with my son and daughter although we didn't take a lot of pictures I spent many an hour fishing with them as well as shooting the .22's and hunting with my son both deer and rabbit hunts.... Great times that I wish my dad would of taken advantage of before he passed....

I envy people who had those days with their father/grandfathers....
Here's another from 2005. I've mentioned before that my dad has had a hand in every single deer I've taken. He may not have been on stand with me, but he had a role everytime. This one he actually bumped to me. The buck dropped on the first shot, but got back up about 5 minutes later and plowed his way down a steep bank and tried to cross a lake that was glazed over with thin ice. He busted through the thin ice and went under. I had to wade out in the lake a little to drag him back to the shoreline. It was only a couple of feet off the shoreline, but it was dang cold on the legs!!!

000_0260.jpg 000_0261.jpg
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Coshocton, OH
Jerry's_Buck_2010_043.jpg #2.jpg

The first pic is of me and my dad after his late season bow kill from a ground blind a couple years ago. I was fortunate enough to be sitting next to him filming the whole thing. It was awesome! The second pic is from the last day of turkey season this past spring. This was supposed to be my dad's bird. Unfortunately, he came into my lap (like inside of 5 yards) and dad couldnt shoot him. He circled and came back one more time and got spooked so I smashed him on his way out where my dad did not have a shot.


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This photo was from 2010. THis was my dads first BBBC qualifier....SOmething he said he never thought he would accomplish.

Dad with the whole chain gang that night that wanted to be out there for his first "big" deer.

THis is from 2007...My dad and I holding my buck for the year. One thing I will never forget is what he said to me when he walked up on the deer. I believe it went something like this, "how the fugg are we gonna get this thing out of here!" I think I had Jesse in that hollow where he died when I was showing him around one day!

I have a lot more on polaroid that I do not have on the computer. Ones like my first deer, my dads first deer etc.. I have a lot of fishing photos also, ones I wish I knew where they were...My dad and I used to fish a lot when I Was little! Before either of us started deer hunting
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This was from november 6th, 2009. That was another day that'll never be forgotten! We both filled our buck tags that morning. Lucky as shit! Great memory!

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