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Season ending surgery

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Since I was turning 54 this year, I decided to take my health more seriously. SOoooo.. Late August I decided to have a heart stress test, they saw something and wanted to do a heart cath to see what it was. I had a hunt scheduled in Kansas and they said go ahead, It doesn't look serious,, SO I went,, Drug 2 does out of creek bottoms and helped drag a 280lb buck a pretty long way,, filled feeders and generally worked my ass off.
When I got back I scheduled the heart cath, then had to cancel and reschedule.. So Oct 10th, I walk in to the hospital for the heart cath and Long story short, I spent my birthday, Oct 12th, having open heart, Quadruple bypass, yep, they cracked me open. I was in ICU 13 days due to complications with the ventilator tube and my throats reaction, almost had to have a tracheotomy. I have a little throat damage that should heal over time but more importantly, I'm alive.
I've never smoked a day in my life, I definitely have,, um, HAD some bad eating and drinking habits but the doctors said this was probably more of a hereditary trait since my dad started having heart trouble at the age of 45.
I'm so thankful that they caught it before I had a heart attack as the heart muscle has suffered no damage and is considered very strong.. now I just need this chest plate to heal. I'll give up this season for many more in the future.


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SW Ohio
OMG MAN!!! Wow, that was close and a blessing! So glad they caught it before you had a HA or worse effects!!!

You are so right! Give up this season for many more later! Glad you're on the mend!


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Glad they caught it and hope ya mend quick.
My brother went through the same thing,i remember him saying he wasn't aloud to lift anything over 5 pds for awhile.
And saying a gallon of milk weighs 8 pds.
Good luck on your recovery.
Dang dude, sorry to hear that. Open heart is scary stuff. I had to be stented when I was 41 due to blockage which, to me anyway, was bad enough. Glad you're on the mend. Make sure you follow through on your cardiac rehab.


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Darby Creek
My dad died suddenly at age 50 from a massive heart attach, he had no clue he had any heart problems. Consider it a blessing they found it before this happened to you. Wishing you the very best on your recovery.


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Central Ohio
Dang man, I'm glad to hear you were proactive and I'm glad that nothing bad happened prior to your surgery. Keep focused on your health and creating healthy habits for the future!

Guys, pay attention to your family history. Genetics, genetics, genetics... if you have bad genes you better be proactive and be your own health care advocate. Most doctors are not going to be an advocate for you. They don't have time and more often than not, they're just going to want to write a prescription for a drug they're getting a kickback on anyway. Do bad habits contribute to health conditions? Absolutely, but not nearly as much as was once believed. It all comes back to your genetics, creating healthy habits and being your own advocate!!