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Prayers please for my dad


*Supporting Member*
NW Ohio
Dad has had heart issues for 11yrs. Quadruple bypass. Two stent places 4 yrs ago. Another stent in Feb. He has been having some issues with confusion. What we hoped was medication change causing it, or maybe something off in his blood, thyroid, an UTI or maybe even blood sugar, is much worse. Last week my dad found out he has an approximate walnut sized tumor in his brain. Does not "appear" to be cancerous, but doctors cannot know until it is removed. It is deep in his brain.

He has surgery May 11. Risks are there any time one goes under anaesthesia. There are always risks of infection and normal surgery risks. His heart issues create additional risks. The fact he is having brain surgery is a large risk in itself.

If you are the praying kind, please keep my parents in your prayers. He is my mother's world. She is taking it hard. My father is a strong Christian but naturally very scared as well. They could use all the prayers you can offer. Thank you.