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old guy young hunter


Junior Member
my name is steve, started fishin a couple years ago, been shootin all my life, bought a compound bow a couple months ago and now i'm hooked. pretty new to huntin but been doing alot of reading and anxious to get started ( little late in the season lol).


*Supporting Member*
Welcome to the site Steve!
Man, you are in the EXACT same situation I was in 5 years ago - and it was the guys here who answered all my questions and taught me a ton of stuff.
ASK any question about any subject you want. Jump right in.
CHECK the instructional threads - your answer may already be there.
READ as many of the old threads as you can - lots of guys spill information nuggets that'll make you go "Oh wow, that's what that means"...or "Cool, I didn't know that!"

My first year I tried and tried and finally knocked one down on the second-to-last weekend! Lot's of good hunting left in January.