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Ohio Buck Being Attacked By Coyotes - Graphic!!



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What if you replaced that buck with a human. Do you think its possible? It looked like the deer was bleeding. What if you cut yourself or were gutting a deer? Just courious about what everyone thinks.


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Bleeding.....his flippin guts were hanging out!!! Whitetail deer never cease to amaze me, just when you think you know how tough and resilient they are......damn! Wonder if he shot the one that ran right to them?


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Walbridge oh
The deer my buddy shot had about eight inches of XX75 attached to a magnus buzzcut stuck high in the front of the rib cage. Looked like the guy that shot that arrow tried a texas heart shot or some BS shot as there was a small hole just about healed over on the back right leg. The deer just went on living life until he got in front of my buddy. Very tough animals thats for sure!!!!


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NW Ohio
Cool footage, but I believe I would have had another arrow nocked and aiming for coyotes. I wasn't there. Maybe he was zoomed in pretty good and they were out of range. Not criticizing as I wasn't there, but I am not sure I would have had a camera in my hands.

Looked like a liver shot exited low thru the guts from what I could tell.
Last night after we started working on Klay's deer, he and I walked back to the farmhouse to get the truck. My dad waited by the deer because the yotes have been terrible there. e hear them howl close by every night and the farmer has witnessed them grabbing chickens from the coop while he was out in the yard in the middle of the day.

Anyway, when we got back my dad was on edge and shining his light in the field. The eyes were there. He said he heard them running toward him and he shined the light up there and they were just watching. As we were gutting we could hear them yipping and stirring around us. Hate them fuggers!

In that quick span though, we were gone for 10 minutes tops, the yotes were moving in on the downed buck and my dad standing there over him.


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Will someone post this video on AT on the Ohio rut update thread there is a fella on there that said a yote won't attack a buck
People believe what they want, regardless of the truth!

Almost 2 years ago, 2 coyotes attacked and killed a woman that was walking on a nature trail in Canada. But everyone says coyotes don't attack people either!