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Hello All,

I stumbled onto this forum in search of tips for hunting. I have hunted with shotgun most of my adult life, (I'm 30) but am just starting into archery. I hunt for meat not for trophy and attemp to use as much of an animal I am lucky enough to harvest. This forum seems to have some knowledgable members and outdoorsman who are not interested in trolling. I thoroughly enjoy the outdoors and look forward to getting to know more like minded people near me. As I get older I feel the need to be more self reliant and am attempting to replace as much of the so called food bought at the grocery with gardening and animals I harvest. I have a large garden in which I harvested just under a ton of produce this season. I hope to learn as much as possible about becoming more reliable as a hunter as in the past most of my kills have been mostly luck. That being said, I enjoy stalking or still hunting. I've gotten pretty good over the last couple of years. I have stalked withing 10 yards of a couple of does while bedded. I just purchased a ghost blind, but have no desire to sit in a tree. Most of my skills were gathered while in the military and I have self taught most everything else. I haven't been out in the woods for a couple of months and am starting to get restless. Good luck to you all this season.



I'll do that when I get home, I'm still getting a few beans and peas but just pulled my tomatoes, peppers, and broccoli. This is an area I am pretty proficient so if there are any questions feel free to ask.
J I live in north west Clark county. I have a little bit of land and am trying to get more. I have a bunch of family in the area, but most of them hunt their own land. Sadly I don't have enough land to hunt other than squirrel and rabbit, but my dogs keep both off my land for the most part. I will be hunting near West Union, Shawnee State Forest, and the Ironton District of the Wayne this year. I've also been scouting Buck Creek because it's close. I've seen decent sign, but also alot of hunter sign as well.


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Southeast Ohio
We've got the Strouds hunt this weekend which is down by the Wayne.... Just sayin.... We're taking the muzzleloaders for the antler less hunt....
Welcome to the forum. Lots of great knowledge here and some of the best hunters in the state. J was right, we have deer camp this weekend, come on down.