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New to NorthEast Ohio (PA was Home)

I have been on this website quite often since I moved here in May so I figured I would join in on the fun. Originally from NorthEast PA (Indiana County) I have hunted/trapped for basically anything that was legal my whole life growing up on a farm. As I get older and more children come the less time I get to involve in the outdoors but I am still a very dedicated deer/turkey/squirrel hunter. The last 3 years I lived in Bradford PA (Mckean County) which some call gods country as it is unbelievable amount of property in the Allegheny National Forest/NY State Park.

I have recently located to Barberton, OH (Summit County) which borders Stark County. I relocated due to work in that I acquired a position at the PPG Barberton Chemical Plant. Some may know that they own a few patches of private property outside of Norton/Barberton. Things have been going great on the home front but it seems that Ohio itself provides a lot more limitations on hunting property. I have been hunting on PPG's property for the last month with a few decent encounters but feel landlocked and was wondering if any had any contacts or suggestions of public/private land available near the area. I by no means am looking to intrude by more so I am trying to identify what is out there.

Also for those that have experience how does one usually begin the "permission" process in that I have usually hunted public land in PA nor is it required to have permission from the land owner via written consent.

I look forward to potentially meeting some knew friends on this website (especially for those who like to small game/turkey hunt) and getting good advice from people who have alot more experience in Ohio.

*Also the buck in the picture for those wondering is my PA buck this year. Limited time to hunt back home but got'er done on the first day of archery......Not a Pope and Young or anything like here in Ohio but for PA that is a quality buck


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Good luck on permission. All you can do is get a tax map and start knocking on doors. A lot of time the people that live there or work the farm are not necessarily the owners.

There is a thread on here somewhere about getting permission.

Welcome to too.


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Columbiana County
Like Dante brought up get the tax map and start knocking on doors.... Just get ready for a lot of no responses.... You need thick skin when asking permission from landowners....
Thanks for the welcomes and replies.................Unfortunately that was the answer i thought i would get from my exposure so far its looking like it might be public land is all i will have access to at least this year......anyone know of any "public land" areas near summit/stark besides West Branch? I am not sure if I would be up for trying to hunt somewhere over an hour drive on a regular basis due to limited amount of time to scout.