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Well my season has gotten a late start. Due to having too many irons in the fire and having too many hobbies. Oh and some bad luck. I went out last weekend to hunt a peice of property that I've been hunting for the past 6 years. Long story short walked up into where I had placed my stand to find it gone!!! It wasn't locked, so kinda my fault. I've hunted here for 6 years and never locked my stands and never had a problem. It was a 16ft ladder stand. I had a bow holder screwed into the tree and its still up there but the stand is gone. So that's put a damper on my hunting!!! I've been reading a lot of hunting logs on here and its really getting a fire lit under me to get in the woods. Plus my wife has taken an interest to deer hunting so I've been working with her and getting her some shooting practice in with the old shotgun! Hope to put another stand up in the next day or so. Locked of course!!!! Thanks for all the welcomes everyone!!