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thanks for making me feel welcome. as some of you might guess i enjoy chasing whitetails, chasing is what i mostly do but once in while i catch up to one. my wife started hunting with me two years ago and it is more importent for me now to get her on deer first. she really enjoys turkey hunting also.


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Columbiana County
Welcome neighbor.... I work up in Vienna at the Air Base.... Have done some hunting in Trumbul county over the years.... Welcome too the best site on the net.... :smiley_coolpeace:


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Central Ohio
Welcome to the site. Pull up a chair & tell us about yourself.

I see you're in Kinsman. I have some family up that way. Schmidt is the last name. Lots of turkeys so your wife should be happy with that.
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a little something about me, i work for the odnr and help out at a bow shop called autumn addictions. i am 55 years old, trapped heavy during the 70s and early 80s. grouse hunted from 80s to early 90s. ran coonhounds in competetion in the 90s into 2000. one of my dogs won national treeing walker nite hunt dog of the year. started back bowhunting in the late 90s and have only deer hunted and turkey hunted since. i still run a couple beagles but dont shoot any rabbits, just enjoy the chase.