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New member stretch


Junior Member
Hello my name is brandon but everyone can call me stretch on here. I was told this website is awesome for any kind of outdoors questions or if I want to learn something new. My friend xbowguy told me I should become a member and check it out. The last thing xbowguy had but up was a picture of a buck with her girlfriends son, well that was me that shot the 12 point buck. I have been hunting for 8 years now and hve not shot die and 1 spike buck, but xbowguy gave me thenoppurtunity to shoot a nice buck and I took advantage of it by bringing a nice one home. I do more than just hunt and fish, I also play airsoft. I've only been playing for 11 months but have gone a long way from where u was to where I am now. I would lôveto help anyone that might be intrestead in airsoft or anything outdoor. I just got a new job working for corna kokosing and am 22 years old and am a very social person. So I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone and wanted to say that I'm excited to be a new member.