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New Guy from NC


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Hello, my name is Bill "Gotammo"
I am from NC and will be a part time resident here in Columbus for the next 2 years.
I am currently working on a new Multi-famly apartment complex being built in Polaris.

I have a extensive Military backround, 27B30
I am the Current President and founder of "The Carolina Reloaders club"

I look forward to making new friends here in Ohio and hope I can bring some benifit to your site


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Welcome too the site Bill, what specialty is the 27B? Air Force uses a completely differant numbering system.
The Mos " 27B Land Combat Support Systems Test Specialist LCSS "
The job was basically an optically guided missile tech , depot level , working on the Tow, TowII, Dragon, Lance systems.

Now the MOS has been changed to a 94A , my yougest son is now a 94a and stationed in Germany Bamburg Area. Having alot more fun than his brother who is in his final days of a one year tour in Afgan FOB Salerno

Thanks for all the welcomes, I visited the Cabelas site over the weekend and spoke with the super They are on schedule and hope to open this year


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Columbiana County
I know how you feel. You walk up to a army guy and ask him what he does. He answers with his MOS code then looks at you like your stupid because we do not have a MOS but a AFSC. Why can't they just say hey I'm infantry or whatever.
Each branch has too have tier own identity.... Sometimes it just gets out of hand and this is a perfect example..... Most branches have basically the same jobs untill you get into the ground pounding specialties.... and then they can just add the alppha neumerics after that too break them down.... Sorry for the hi jack and back to Bill lol....

By the way Bill what part of NC you from?
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