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New from NC, used to live in NE Ohio

Hi! I've lived in NC for the past 7 years, but prior to that I lived in Stark County, OH for about 3 years, and I have family in the Columbus area. Unfortunately, I wasn't a hunter when I lived in OH, but have since found my passion for being in the great outdoors since moving to Carolina.

I mostly hunt muzzleloader, but I did buy a bow last year and am looking forward to giving it a try.

No, I'm not here to ask about leasing land or anyone's 'honey holes' - just wanting to converse and learn from Buckeye State hunters. Considering a public land hunt in OH next year.

Oh, and I'm not a LEO, despite my username - it comes from the way my given name was pronounced as a child.
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Thanks for the welcomes.

I used to live in Alliance - the home of Mount Union College! Looking back I would have had some nice opportunities to hunt with friends there, had I discovered the joys of being in the woods back then.


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Welcome I grew up in columbus , now live in Florida 8 months of the year . Back in the columbus area for the summer, I deer hunt with my son and son in law in southern ohio every year. Ohio grows some big deer good luck hunting public land . I would suggest looking at maps of the land you want to hunt and hunt the least accessible from any roads. Go Buckeyes
Did you go to Mount Union??
Nope, didn't attend Mount Union - I worked at Alliance Community Hospital for a few years.

My wife and I did purchase season tickets one year - it happened to be Pierre Garcon's first year at Mt. Union, and it was really neat to see how awesome he was in college and then follow his great Pro career!