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My late season buck 🦌


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Jackson County
The 2016 deer season began for me with no buck I would consider a shooter on camera. It was the start of what played out to be one of the toughest seasons I have had trying to find a huntable buck. I took vacation for two weeks at the beginning of November, saw a lot of 2 and 3 year old deer just nothing quite big enough. I did have an encounter with a nice buck but that's another story. Several shooter bucks showed up on camera throughout the beginning of November through gun season but mostly night photos. I took another week vacation for gun season with no success. 120 vacation hours spent and no buck on the ground. I hunted hard, somewhere between 65-75 days this season. Things were looking bleak.

Fast forward to the week following extra gun weekend. I'll give you a timeline of events on Thursday 12/22.
I went to check cams around 1pm at a couple locations.
I arrived home around 330 pm and threw the first of 5 sd cards in my laptop. It happened to be from a small tract around 10 acres I had a stand on.
There he was, standing in daylight from 4pm-9pm on the Sunday of extra gun weekend. As I continued on I saw this nice 10 was frequenting my camera on several evenings between that Sunday and Wednesday with the sun still up.
I didn't bother checking any other cards, just gathered my gear and headed out.
Got settled in the stand at 4:22 pm. 4:49 pm I hear the all to familiar sound of whitetail footsteps coming along the edge of the clearcut.

I sent a rage his way and my tag was filled. I learned many things this year and spent countless hours sitting in the stand. You just never know when your opportunity will come, so it's best you be there waiting. This buck is a mainframe 10 with a 1 3/8 inch non typical split on his G4. I had him green scored at 151 gross 141 7/8 net making him my first BBBC entry should the score hold up after drying. Sorry this write up is late and not too exciting, I've been busy lately and typed this up on my phone. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be able to hunt and spend the time with my dad and family in the outdoors.



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Always enjoy following along on IG with you and your dad Seth. My dad is supportive, but doesn't join in and I'm a little jealous of what you two have going. Soak it up buddy! Congrats on another great buck.


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Hudson, OH
Another fine buck Seth! Congrats on the OBBC accomplishment.

I like the last minute run for the stand following what you had on the SD card.